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SubLoaded's F10
(27-04-2019, 07:25 PM)ChefDJ Wrote: What's this? Asking for parts before showcasing what it's for? People have been banned for less... bat
(27-04-2019, 07:27 PM)Nikhil Wrote: FencelookCthulhuCartel
(29-04-2019, 03:46 PM)YUBEN Wrote: Before u wanna mod the car, start by modding your signature and and car picCartel

I guess it's about time that I did this Blah

So to start this thread off properly, petrol price and consumption of a straight 6 NA getting sucked up in traffic for 1000km weekly fark me.

*Enter the tractor...*

F10 520D M Sport (N47T). Picked her up with 102k KMs on the clock and a good, documented, history. Massive shout-out to @Coisman who ran about 10 VINs for me until I found this, clean, car smile bounce Your efforts are always appreciated.

I wasn't happy with the remaining life on the discs and pads so the dealer had them replaced in time for my collection and completed an oil change service.

The day I collected her:
[Image: img_20190426_134306_611_7400624076.jpg]

New car.. New phone.... What more excuses do I need to snap up a picture (yes, I'm that guy that will park the furthest away from any living thing)
[Image: img_20190428_164119_5261050858.jpg]

Mandatory potato pic:
[Image: untitled_5046367137.png]

Initial impressions
The car has a great power-to-weight ratio. You forget that you're in a 20d. The torque of the diesel makes the car feel effortless and it always seems to be in the right region of its power-band. Going from a 6spd to zf8 is a night and day difference and the electric steering makes the car feel a lot smaller than it is.

I've even managed to shock a few small cars off the line here and there Tiptoe

Other than that, it's really comfy and has some nice creature comforts. Found myself driving and unaware a few times. Those seats just make me wanna sleep Fencelook

My plans are to add a slimline boot spoiler and splitters/lip to the front bumper. The car is a fishbowl at the moment - begging for windows tints so I'll get that done as well.

Not really a fan of the wheels but they're comfy and will do for now.

Needless to say it'll go through the usual diesel goodies.. dp..remap.. and removing the 'unnecessary' bits Rollsmile

But for now - 1st up on my list is a gearbox service.

I'll upload more pictures as I go along.

Thanks for the read Chef
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congrats bro! wish you many miles of smiles Bravo
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Congrats bro, the f10 is truly a special car. Get her on the open road, thats where they shine the most Praise
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Nice one Subs...The kids must be really enjoying all that additional spaceBravo
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Congrats. Praise
Please remember that you're in a 5er now, so behave like an adultFencelookBiglol
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This truly is one of the best daily's one can go for now, considering size, comfort, fuel price and maintenance costs.
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Oof, Best colour!

Grats dude, all the best with the new cab.
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Congrats, these cars are really underrated Praise
[Image: traction-control-malfunction-automobile-...tive-5.png]

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Congrats bro! She's definitely a looker! Praise
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congrats on the new car. wishing you many happy KM's with itBravo
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Congrats on the new car Bravo
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Congratulations on a sweet ride many happy kilometres ahead. I still miss your e92
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Congrats, the consumption of this will overpower the lack of noise coming out the exhaust.
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Congrats on your new wheels mate and welcome to the coal world! That torque will make you smile all the way even for a 20d.
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Congrats Naman on an amazing car Bravo
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Congrats Thumbs
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Congratulations bud Bravo
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Congrats BruThumbsThumbsThumbsThumbsThumbsThumbsThumbs
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