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Riaad's 330i
As many forumites will know, I have been searching for an E46 330i for some time now (Longest Wanted Thread Ever), my search began towards the end of 2017, which lead to a rather interesting (read frustrating) car searchHammerhead.

I was adamant that the 330i was to be either mtech 1 or 2 and HAD to be a manual...I wasnt too fussy on the colour to be honest (well, as long as it wasn't Messing Metallic or that pink edition whatever its called).

After about three months and only one 330i to be found in Durban, at WeBuyCars Iono...A forum member and I decided to go check it out...turns out that it was the perfect example of what a 330i should not be.

Fast forward to April...a random Estoril Blue 330i mtech 2 appears in JHB...and after receiving many pics and videos and alot of discussions with the seller...I was certain that this is the one...long story short, it turned out to be a rather costly weekend Are-you-for-real- and this was the start to all the scumtree sellers I had to deal with. A shout out goes out to all the forum members that assisted during my search Ty

Okay on to the car in question ...around September last year Ettiene PM'd me to let me know that his 330i will be for sale in the near 330i adviser @KPM_330 said if I ever decided to not get an Mtech 1 or 2...then this car is a great buy!

That brings us towards the end of January 2019 (yeah, the search was over a year at this point)...I must say what a Gent @that_guy_Ettiene is...dealing with someone with tons of integrity after my dodgy scumtree experiences was a true blessing in disguise. Ettiene was extremely helpful in giving me the full rundown of his beloved 330i, and even going far beyond what any normal seller would doTy

I knew without any doubt that this car will be coming home with me and the moment I saw it...the deal was sealedExcited

[Image: img_20190203_072748-01_4994080769.jpg]
One last top up in JHB before the drive to Durban.
[Image: img_20190203_101126-01_5359338601.jpg]
[Image: img_20190203_101151-01_1225449275.jpg]
A few snaps at halfway, greatly impressed by the shear smoothness of that lovely straight 6Praise

Just as I approached PMB, there was a hectic thunderstorm, which seemed to have cleared up as I got back into Durban...I refused to leave my new 330i all dirty in the a first wash was in orderClap
[Image: img_20190203_173724-01_617145975.jpg]
[Image: img_20190203_173817-01_768722533.jpg]
[Image: img_20190203_173849-01_1417460264.jpg]
[Image: img_20190203_173906-01_733238821.jpg]

For a 15 year old, she is in great condition and drives better than most new cars Praise

Like any old BMW, there are a few minor issues that I have to attend to, which I will keep this thread updated with...

In the mean time, I have added OEM carpets (confession time...I actually bought these a week before I got the carFencelook)

[Image: img_20190204_180253_1297373408.jpg]
[Image: img_20190204_180322_6766196447.jpg]

Next was to source a new tail light (once again, my 330i adviser and his brother helped me out)...I did consider going clears...but I actually like the contrast provided by these ambers...for nowThinking

[Image: img_20190206_210118_4060434685.jpg]
[Image: img_20190206_204900_8998688976.jpg][Image: img_20190206_210007_7506933878.jpg]
[Image: img_20190206_205941_9108458920.jpg]

Not forgetting the E90...I never realised that there was such a big size difference between the two generationsSkit
[Image: img_20190205_200347_3828732920.jpg]

Took the car out today for a random drive with no destination in mind to burn out the remainder of the JHB fuel...what a pleasuresmile bounce
Managed to find a somewhat empty parking lot so whipped out the GoProGrin
[Image: 17383000-01_6163493385.jpg][Image: 17384100-01_2277580522.jpg][Image: 17431100-01_9504735516.jpg]

I think she is enjoying being at the coast=) and to end this post...
[Image: img_20190205_195737_5994744291.jpg]

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Congrats man, looks great!

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Congrats Bravo the interior looks to still be in mint condition for a car of that age
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Congrats brother. I think you made right choice with Ettiens 330i. Mubarak and wishing you many happy miles and smiles.

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Congrats man Bravo

What a beauty Praise
At long last and with the right car! Congrats dude!

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Congrats! Bravo
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Congrats!!! Lovely example you have there, have fun!!!
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I am super happy you got your dream car!

Lets be honest, at least the 330i facelift doesn't look too bad without mtech bumpers. You can if you really want it, still add all those trims, but I like the facelift 330i bumper with the silver trim that only the 330s received.

And you got a 6 speed gearbox, which I find rare to see on the good example 330s.

Have many many happy miles in this fine example of a car Cartel
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Congrats. A fine example of a great car. Thumbs
Congrats! Hope you have many happy miles Bravo
Congrats , looks really clean... Those wheels look good too! Thumbs
Congrats Bluebiggrin
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Nice to see you in a BMW again Fencelook
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Congrats buddy, Nice clean example you have there

Those Z4M wheels look right at home on there Bravo
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Worth the search and the wait, very nice car you got yourself Thumbs
Finally! Congrats manThumbs
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@KPM_330 , @Riaad when is the race going down?

Congrats knobby
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Looks lovely, and yes i can only imagine the frustrating dealing with tons of

- like new
- full house
- no work needed

scumtree adds.

Out of interest how much did a set of carpets cost?

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