E34 BMW M5

Hi guys, great forum you have here. I'm graham and might be taking delivery of an early 90's E34 M5 soon which needs a little TLC. The car is a non runner due to the current state of affairs in SA. Some desperate druggies cut a section of the loom from more or less the back door to just pass the centre post.

As a result, I will need to repair/replace.

Any advice?

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A few e34 cars in the scrap yards find a loom and use it to repair yours.
Pulling and swapping looms is a lengthy and tedious exercise
So my piece of German perfection (not so perfect at the moment) will be coming home next week. While waiting for all things to get sorted, I figured I might as well be pro-active and start looking at servicing parts and oils.
Some background of the car. It has not been started in around 3 years due to a problem it had and followed by some druggies cutting the loom. As previously mentioned, I'm not entirely sure of the extent of the damage to the loom. Do I replace or patch up - this will be ascertained bonce it is in my possession. Prior to this neglect, it was maintained by a German workshop in still and that works on BMW and Opel.

My question; what should I do prior to starting it up if I get to sort the wires out.
Should I drain all oils (engine, coolant, gearbox and diff) or should I just start with engine and get it running before worrying about the others?

What plugs, oil/s to use, filter, oil filter, fuel filter?

Thanks in advance gents.
I'm based in bellville, Cape town


And? Did you start the car? A lot of the wiring is unique to the M5. Have you got the wiring diagrams?
Adi said:
And? Did you start the car? A lot of the wiring is unique to the M5. Have you got the wiring diagrams?

I haven't taken possession not the car yet. My friend has been going through some hectic personal matters and I don't want to burden him with the car at present. Its not on the market though so I'm definitely first in line.
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The car still by current owner. I'm just a bit sick.

Car comes with OEM radio and tool set. Wheel faces was removed before my friend bought the car.

It had a slight fender bender before so please feel free to share what you observe from the front.

I'm in no way educated on this model, in fact, I've not been following BMW for more than 15 years so please forgive me.

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Racer-X said:
It doesn't look too bad..

It is missing the OEM rims and the M5 grille badge

It is infact the OEM rims minus the second  part to it(the face). So I need to get the rim faces and the badge.

Anybody have a chicken with some teeth :fencelook:


Good luck finding the covers, I know of someone that has ONE available and he wants 1500 for it IIRC. The M5 badge is available from BMW, should be around 1k. I bought a new one from ECS and it came to about R750 at the time. If you are really cash strapped and patient, I will be selling my used one from my M5 within the next year