Buying advice.. 340i close to motorplan expiry


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Hi gents, 

Just wanted some additional insight into a potential purchase of a 340i with 98000kms. 

What are the common things to look out for on the b58.. I test drove the car and it feels fine.. No obvious lack of power or funny noises.. 

Car has downpipe tho according to dealer and m4 wheels which poke out a bit at the rear.. They do give the car a good look though. 
Any advice welcome.


Chances are if it has a DP it has software too. Not saying that is a bad thing but its good to know these things. Good on the dealer though for disclosing the DP.

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Hi there. About a year ago I was also thinking of buying a 340i. I was also considering a 330d, largely because of its reliability. Since for me reliability is at the top of my list, especially after MP expiry, I ended up buying a 330d. The guidance I got regarding the B58 engine is that it is less reliable compared to the N57. As to how unreliable it is, I dont know. The 340i is a fast car though and can be serious fun. Will you use it daily or weekends?
There are very knowledgeable folks in this forum and they will assist you regarding common issues on the B58.


Have a look here:

In SA these B58s that had motor failures which was assessed as being our fuel quality. 
There has since been a recall done a couple months ago to have an updated software done which resolves this issue. 

Just for safety sake i fitted the TU pump from the M340/Toyota Supra on mine which provides higher fuel pressure. 

Im enjoying mine thoroughly


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Thanks for the input gents appreciate it..

@"KarshS" I know a bit about the engine and have also seen first hand motor failures and turbos popping but once again with excessive Eth mixtures..

I guess what I want to know is how is the mechanical and parts support market here locally at this point outside of bmw.. If the borg Warner turbo packs up is it fairly easy to find a used replacement ot to repair. Or if something bigger in engine gives in are they decent guys that won't charge an arm and leg to rebuild like on the Vag scene?

Not sure if anyone has had engine failure outside of bmw motorplan to share their experience.


My turbo and engine was replaced a few months back. 

Nothing was wrong with the engine but bmw replaced the engine first when it was actually the turbo that had an issue. 

Turbo you can probably recon just like any other turbo depending on the damage. If you speaking engine rebuild. Its probably double or more compared to a Vag build.