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Introducing G Shift (Pty) Ltd
Hello all, 

I may be jumping the gun a little bit (and I'm sure the admins and Webmaster will finalise things here on the forum soon), but I'm excited to share something new with you.

For a long time now I have been stewing on some ideas, and wanting to do something different.  I've included my 2min elevator pitch below:

For the Automotive Enthusiast.

G Shift was founded with two things in mind, to share my enthusiasm for all-things car-related with others, and to offer quality products and service to like-minded individuals based on past experience.  G Shift will be offering unique products to fellow Enthusiasts, as well as partnering up with established players to bring you what is arguably some of the best products and services available worldwide. Being a car enthusiast is somewhat of an addiction, and more often than not, an individual's experiences are tainted through shoddy service and poor quality products.  At G Shift, we intend to foster long standing relationships with our customers and stakeholders, and support the cause of the Enthusiast.

Not all addictions need to be seen in a negative light, so here's to the start of something new and something great....

So why G Shift? Well my initial plan was to be Gear Shift, but the CIPC said they were confused based on other companies in different industries with similar names.  So without wanting to cause much backwards and forwards, I shortened it to G Shift.

Over the past few weeks, I have spent many many hours and sleepless nights working behind the scenes to get things ready and up and running.  I am pleased to announce that my online store is ready, and would appreciate if you would stop in and have a look.

Like I mentioned in my intro, I'm looking to offer products from reputable vendors.  Also, many of the products which I have available, I will be be able to vouch for based on my own personal experience.  I also believe having been active on this forum in particular for the past 10 years odd, that I have developed a good reputation and following.  Those who have dealt with me will also know I'm down to earth and steer clear of the BS.  I'd like to think that this will hold me in good stead and help to build this business venture going forward.

As much as sales and customer registrations will be welcomed, I'm also encouraging you to provide me with feedback and suggestions, so that I can look to improve things as time goes on, and look at offering more products.

I'll leave it there for now, but thanks for reading. Looking forward to what the future holds.

Thanks for reading.
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[Image: G_Shift_Logo_Final_360x.png?v=1602414632]
              Online Store Now Open
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I like it.

Some of those t-shirts are pretty cool

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Best of luck with this. Just remember your competition with an online model is not just other car companies and not just in South Africa.

Two examples: I get Motul from Takealot (when they have deals they are over R100 cheaper than best pricing you can get out of a "dealer") and Meguiars is often cheapest at either Builders or Takealot... even cheaper than vendor pricing on here when they have sales on.

Amazon can often deliver non-liquid things in the same time as our local online stores and even after shipping and duties at lower rates. Many online stores have failed because they don't offer any better service or better pricing

Your opportunity to differentiate on service is there. Not sure where your workshop is going to be based but decide on location carefully too. There are many operations popping up in some places.

You will get an order from me soon!
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Hi guys
Yes Gav jumped the gun on the anouncement.

We will do a proper thread announcement on Monday. We dont want to create a precedent where future advertisers create their own introductory threads.

Thx for those that have already responded but i will merge this thread with a proper intro thread on Monday.
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