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My Alpine White F25 X3 Xdrive20d Motorsport
Having sold the 320d and purchasing the M3, it was inevitable that a new daily would need to be found for my wife to use.. I had offered up my 330i for use, but un/fortunately she declined this generous offer. We had agreed to look for something later this year, as I had just spent a princely sum on E46 maintenance and on the purchase of the M3. With us working from home until January next year, yet another car wasn't really needed in the current pandemic...

Maybe it was seeing the joy and elation I experienced with the purchase of the M3 that moved up this timeline, that's what I like to tell myself anyway.. I had always liked the F30, but my wife expressed the desire for something with decent ground clearance.. Besides, I already have 2 rather low vehicles and it would make more sense to get a daily that offers some practicality. I also quite like the idea of the higher seating position for her, especially in the climate we find ourselves in. I maintained that it had to be a BMW, due to my unwavering love for the brand, despite the slew of questionable decisions coming out of BMWAG in recent times.. A story for another day, I suppose. 

I knew already what I was looking for, it was just a matter of finding the right car. I have always loved the look of the F25, it has a stylishly rugged look, that is quite appealing, especially in Motorsport guise.. I have only owned one exclusive pack BMW and its partly why I sold the car, I kept looking at Msport E90's and thinking how awesome they look, first world problems I know.. Despite the 'inconvenience' brought about by the lower kit and low profile wheels, it had to be a Msport kit, the other essentials were xenon lights and a panoramic sun roof. I had a look at the usual sites over a few weeks and found nothing worth looking into.

I remembered seeing a gem on the forum, in the guise of @Kyle s X3 SHOWROOM THREAD.. I showed my wife the showroom thread and she was sold.. Knowing full well that he doesn't hold onto cars for a long while, I took a chance and planted a seed while we were having a chat.. A few days later and this had already taken root, Kyle contacted me to say he was thinking of selling and I should have a look. We met one evening and it was my turn to be sold, the car really presented exceptionally well for an 8 year old vehicle and the 2 owner history + low mileage were the cherries on top. We discussed the details of the deal and I collected the car a few weeks ago. A HUGE thank you to Kyle for everything, including the gearbox service that he graciously agreed to complete as part of the deal.. Appreciate it bru.

Here is the new daily after a quick clean up, a 2012 BMW X3 Xdrive20d Motorsport in Alpine White III with Nevada Black Leather:

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-30-at-17-26-11-1.jpg]
[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-30-at-17-26-11.jpg]
[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-30-at-17-26-11-3.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-30-at-17-26-11-4.jpg]

My wife is ecstatic with the car and her only request is that I don't make it as loud as the straight-piped 20d. A car she quite enjoyed until I made it a 'boy-racer' (her words and not mine, LOL)! That said, I don't see myself doing many mods to this car, I already have my other cars that enjoy my spending monies. Aside from a DP that I would like to do to relieve pressure on the turbo, a short interval oil service is next on the cards. 

Beautiful SAV!!!
love that it’s neither too big or small. Drives like a car too.

Seeing examples likes this is more reason to hang onto mine.

Congrats and many happy miles

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Congrats. Wishing you many safe and happy miles ahead.
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Congrats indeed mate... A happy wife makes a happy family!!
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Congrats again to you and the wife... I hope she brings you many happy miles!
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Awesome daily driver! looks the part too, Wishing you guys many happy miles!
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Congrats Kev, Alpine White FTW.
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Congrats on the new wheels, they do look great in White.

Many happy miles, looking forward to a review a few months down the line...
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Congrats bud. Beautiful ride and addition to your stunning fleet!
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Congrats KPM_X3
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Congrats on the new ride! Wish you many happy and safe miles!!!

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Bro congratulations on another amazing purchase !!

Wow just wow .... been on this thread staring at the pics and yep I call dibs when you selling this :-) , You guys know whats the
meaning of clean cars , Now to arrange our next meet up
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(07-08-2020, 06:30 AM)KPM3_30 Wrote: ..SNIP..

Nice one!
wishing you many happy and safe KM's.
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Beautiful, these are pretty much perfect for daily driving under all conditions: plenty of torque, great fuel economy, all wheel drive, comfort, bullet proof engines, well priced...

My wife also enjoys our X3 (F25 2.0d) and automatically claimed it when we sold the Mini (which she bought before we got married). That's the reason I can't change it for something else now lol.

Enjoy and safe travels, bru...
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With your rather active showroom threads, it appears that I have missed this one  Tiptoe

Congrats to you and the wife on the latest addition, hopefully lots of travel is in the books post lockdown Bravo

Also...Nice signature pics there...Silverstone Sandwich Biglol
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Clean as a MFer !! The Mrs should love you long time for this one !! Congrats bro, must remember to tag you along for any potential car purchase, you keep finding gems Bluebiggrin
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Hey bro,

Congrats man, looks wicked! Hope the wifey has many safe and happy kms!
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