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E46 330i
I welcome you guys to another E46 that I've managed to add to my garage.

In simple words, my heart has had the desire for a 330i for a long time and when this car popped up, it was a no brainer for me.

It's a 2004 E46 330i M-sport and upon first inspection I was sold. The previous owner was OCD when it came down to maintenance and actually taking care of a 16-year old vehicle. Above all else, he was a super nice guy and gave the car to me at a price I could not resist.

The specifications -

2004 BMW E46 330i M-sport 6-spd manual

- Titanium Silver Metallic
- Black Montana Leather
- Anti-dazzle interior mirror
- Tire pressure monitor
- NO SUNROOF and did I mention NO SUNROOF
- Auto headlights & wipers
- Cup holders (I'm super stoked on this lol)

Apart from the above, it has all the usual M-sport/individual trims such as seats, steering, anthracite roof, cube trim etc.

Basically has full service history with SMG Durban and ABM.

I've already started with a few things on the car as the new car excitement got to me.

- New exhaust tips
- Removed old plasti-dip on kidney grills and respray them in matt black.

Overall, the 330i is a miraculous car from its era and they have aged so well. I believe neat examples of these will hold their value quite well - not that I'm planning on selling very soon.

I'll soon do a write-up on comparing the 330i to the 325ti as they are actually worlds apart in terms of driving experience and the emotion they induce you with.

I don't have much pictures atm, but will take some proper ones tomorrow.

For now, I'm going to leave you guys with this.
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[Image: 7c9e26026e3115bed87a770945a1af43.jpg][Image: df80f550417c635f779766fa876a5d58.jpg][Image: e386dcfed63381e0a4490530ff45ce58.jpg][Image: 0baa10705e0d0c73c16326aab5aee05a.jpg][Image: c50ce10a927f7119ad90118ead08896b.jpg][Image: e035510f24bb4e2bdd3d19eb8cbb7874.jpg][Image: bb4da1d6c70f946e06e1bce19804386a.jpg]

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Congrats! looks awesome.
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Wish you miles of smiles.  Nah. I know you won't stop smiling!!
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More pics please!!!
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Look great!!
How many KM's?

Yes and more pics please Bluebiggrin
2003 BMW E46 330i 6 speed

[Image: 209267.png]
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Congrats on the new ride. Many halpy miles and smiles

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Ohh you lucky bastard!

E46 330 6 speed and mtech2 is the golden version. Its like the ZHP in SA.

I know you will enjoy this car to bits! MANY congrats on finding a 330 with such good options included.
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Very nice, congrats on the new acquisition, I still have a soft spot for these cars

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This is a needle in a haystack!!!! Enjoy her bud!
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Congratulations on your find bro, that car looks great. E46 330i remains my favorite 3 series  Chef
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Congrats on finding such a gem
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Mooi man!  Bravo
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What a stunner. Enjoy her..
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(13-07-2020, 10:16 PM)gumpertapolloss Wrote: ...SNIP...
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@gumpertapolloss awesome ride bud!

Many would know how biased I am when it comes to these cars.. IMHO, the E46 330i is the perfect daily. Wishing you many happy miles of smiles.
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jeez , that is a real diamond.

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Congrats, enjoy the car.
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Congrats man, looks clean.
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Welcome to the E46s,

One of the Best BMWs to drive

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