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My Silverstone Metallic E92 V8 M3
I never expected to be posting this thread, at least not at this point in my life but every so often, things happen in a way we can’t explain… I first fantasized about E92 M3 ownership during my high school years, which truth be told, aren’t that far away. Throughout my campus years, this feeling intensified, but I wasn’t in a position to own a car like this. I promised myself back then that I would own my first M car before I hit my own mileage milestone of 30, I just didn’t know my first M car, would be the one I idolized… 

Around the start of lockdown, I had started to get M fever… I remember seeing at TBP88’s thread HERE and after adding in my 2c, my mind had started working at this point. Maybe it was the fact that I was tired of being cooped up within the 4 walls or perhaps I had just missed the thrill of going really fast with petrol power. The 320d was sitting in the basement parked off, which is the opposite of what a diesel is intended for, IMO. With me likely working from home until next year, I decided that the time is now and I would see what my options are. As much as I loved my diesel, the thrill for me is pretty much over in as much of the rev range that is utilized… I like petrol powered cars for that reason, you have to work for it and reach upper echelons of the rev range to derive maximum satisfaction.

After reading through the car magazine article about the 10 Significant BMW 3 Series variants CAR magazine has tested, it reignited my thirst for a M car. Having wanted to start my journey with the E36 M3, I had seen that most cars of the period would need more work than I was willing to put in, with clean ones selling for silly money. I then looked at the E46 M3, I have never been the most ardent fan of this iteration of the M3, personally the rasp was something that never appealed to me and I always had a thing for big booming V8 motors, since the BMW glory days. Whilst I do believe it is a truly capable car, the thought of my ‘special car’ having the same interior as my daily drive wasn’t something that really thrilled me, coupled with what the clean ones sell for, I was out. The E46 M3 had already begun its appreciation curve and I was too late to the party.

When I went to view a ‘certain’ E46 M3 in KZN, the owner had an E92 V8M as well, despite going to view the E46, I mainly had eyes for the car I didn’t actually go to view. It was at this point that I realized my heart was set on the E92. If I would be spending at the upper end of the spectrum, I would rather it be what I’ve always desired. I have always loved the E92 design, especially in M sport guise. I initially looked for an E92 335i and ended up settling for the sedan, so when I decided to look at options for the M3, it had to be a coupe. I purposefully looked for a car that to me, embodied pure driving ecstasy.. V8 engine upfront, manual box in the middle and the power being sent to the rear wheels. I wanted a non-EDC car despite many online comments for the contrary, it just means less for me to worry about down the line.

My favorite colour for the E9x M3 is the Silverstone Metallic paintwork, there is just something about this colour that speaks to me in a way I can’t explain, I suppose this particular colour is part of the dream I sold to myself those years ago. I began perusing the usual sites and when I saw this car advertised, my mind went into overdrive… The condition, the colour, the gearbox and upon further investigation, the service/ownership history was everything I was looking for, and then some… I decided to try the market for the 320d and a few weeks later, the Noise-Maker was sold. 

Some pics from the previous owner after a clay bar treatment and polish:

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-06-05-at-11-49-29-1.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-06-05-at-11-49-47.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-06-05-at-11-49-06.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-06-05-at-11-49-09-1.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-06-05-at-11-49-10-1.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-05-12-at-18-22-55.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-05-12-at-18-22-57.jpg]

I made my inroads into collecting the car and bringing it home, the culmination of which happened late last week. I hopped on a flight with my brother, viewed the car and purchased it immediately. I’ve heard the V8M wasn’t the quickest at the reef, but it really is no slouch up at altitude, much to my surprise. On the drive down, all I can say is that V8 is pure symphony and I completely understand why this car is such a hit, the world over. That V8 soundtrack is best described as intoxicatingly glorious, especially more so in a manual! The car performed faultlessly on the drive down and my only criticism on fuel consumption is actually a positive, the car managed slightly better fuel consumption than my 335i on the exact same route at 11l/100km, with a drive time of just over 4 hours.. Not bad for a 4-litre, 8-cylinder Bahn stormer.

Here is my 2008 E92 M3 Manual, finished in Silverstone II Metallic + Carbon Roof with a Novillo Black leather interior. The spec list isn’t the most expansive but it has everything I consider important:
- Individual Audio System
- Professional Navigation
- Adaptive Xenons
- Full Front and Rear PDC
- All preventative maintenance has been recently completed, with an active warranty on these components. This was the kicker and what sealed the deal for me. 

A few pics taken on the drive down:

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-07-at-10-28-24-1.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-07-at-10-28-24.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2020-07-07-at-10-28-24-2.jpg]

Congrats bud and many happy miles ahead!
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Congratulations! Wishing you many happy miles. Car looks amazing!
[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
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Congrats on a stunning example Bravo
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Congrats again... There's no feeling like bringing home your first M car!

This car is certainly one of the best and well kept examples out there  Praise
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Congrats man...What a stunning example  Praise

3 months of a serious case of M Fever and you found yourself a proper cure!

Having had a look at this beaut over the past weekend...all I can say is that she looks great and definitely a fantastic purchase...cant wait to see what mods you have in mind  Fencelook

Once again congrats on hitting that milestone and I hope she brings nothing but smiles  Praise
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congrats man
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Congrats. Wishing you many safe and happy miles ahead  Bravo
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Wow!!! Congrats buddy. Looks so good in silver. Welcome!
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Congrats on the new car.. looks awesome
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great car congrats
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Congrats! Love the colour and spec.

What is the mileage?
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WoW! What a find KPM_330, Congrats Bud truly a Gem of note.

Enjoy her and wishing you many happy miles ahead.
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Wow this is a Beauty! Well done finding this car and congrats!
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Congratulations on whats looks to be an amazing car... many happy kms with her...
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She is an absolute beauty Blowheart
Congrats! wishing you many happy miles brother!
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Congrats bud,

This is one of those purchases with so much sentimental meaning to it and not just a "Here I got a car!" thread. Truly well deserved and brilliant find!
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That is absolute mustard.

Lovely - my thread is something I still think about. I also managed to squeeze into my first M just before 30 (I'm the wrong side now!). Hope it gives you many pleasant miles. The spec is pretty much perfect, manual, carbon roof, black interior and silver exterior. That's perfect!
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Congratulations dude. Silverstone really is a stunning color! Glad that you are living your dream in the e92. First and last v8 m3 so it's definitely special.

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Awesome machine mate...congrats indeed!
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