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Best aftermarket warranty for E92 m3
Hi Guys

What would be the best after market warranty ? for an E92/E90 m3 2013/14 model. I am just curious to know if there would be cover for this car and which repair shops would be approved to carry out the work.

Really considering one of these as my weekend toy. Ideally would get the bearing and actuators sorted out of pocket to avoid potential catastrophic engine failure.
None of the warranties cover preventative maintenance unfortunately (not by the definition that we need to apply to M cars). By the time there is a 'mechanical breakdown' it is then far outside of their limits (max is around 25K for an engine and 18K for gearbox). I would rather check what your workshop recommends buying (and which they are familiar working with) and then decide from there.

I have one that I got 'to take the sting' out of repairs and I am even questioning the usefulness of that...

Most of them will allow you to go to any RMI approved repair shop.
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