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Hi guys,

Been having a bit of a run for money installing new rear sway bar end links on my E36 (don't judge haha). Please see the picture attached. Its a Lemforder link, same part number as my BMW one.[Image: end%20link_2688618242.png]

As you can see in the picture, the hole diameter of the new link is smaller than the one i took out the car. Anyone has any ideas on how to get the link to slide onto the sway bar? I have tried greasing it and knocking it in but that just got it slightly over the sway bar and then it was stuck again.

Any advice from your experiences?
Since having my 1er I have forgotten a lot of info on the E36 lol

I do know that there were some different size OEM sway bars for the E36. It that endlink hole look like it might be meant for another bmw model but I could be wrong

I recon heat up the rubber and try push it on the sway bar just be careful you don’t push out the bushing app use a socket or something to get it on the sway bar.

I wouldn’t try to drill the hole bigger as the would probably be better to throw it away

Another option is to try make a diy bushing using windscreen silicone. Basically diy poly bushes

Ps heating the busing might also damage it so keep that in mind

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