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Phone Pairing
21-03-2020, 05:26 PM,
Phone Pairing
Put this on the e87 forum but maybe this is a better place for it as it could cover all models
Have just bought an e87 120d exclusive LCI. Tried pairing 4 phones to the handsfree without success. Goes through the whole process including the password. Phone picks up saying connected but HU shows pairing in progress and then reverts back to the radio at which point the phone says cannot connect. Have disconnected the MULF2, cleared everything off, checked the optical cable in and out of the MULF2. Red flashing on both sides.
Suggestions will be welcomed. Also, 2 of the phones are on the approved list. Tried both iOS and Android same result.
Have posted some pics of the setup below.
HU is an Alpine and after it reverts back to the radio the phone shows "contact sharing' as active but "call audio" is greyed out [Image: mulf2%20unit_1035710955.jpg][Image: mulf2%20side%20view_1159900656.jpg][Image: hu%20rear%20view_11675252.jpg][Image: hu%20harness%20connector_9083688644.jpg][Image: bt%20aerial_2150068336.jpg][Image: hu%20bt%20connector_2902043522.jpg]
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