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2015 220i Reliability
13-02-2020, 10:50 PM,
2015 220i Reliability
Hi Guys, I've been thinking about getting a 220i for a while now and have seen one for sale at a reasonable price. Its a 2015 220i with 70k on the clock. So I will be taking it for a test drive on Saturday and would like to know what I should look out for in the car?

Also how reliable are these cars? Any common issues that you guys have experienced?

I had a look at the car today and asked the guys if they could give me the vin number but they said they can't. The car is currently at BMW supertech.

Any tips/info will be greatly appreciated Bluebiggrin
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19-02-2020, 08:23 AM,
RE: 2015 220i Reliability
Hi bud,

Is a 220d not within budget?

That will be a better buy in terms of power and economy and the diesels are also noted for being more reliable.

2013 BMW 320d Manual - Titanium Silver
RK Motion

[Image: 20190726_173747%20(2)_6159939274.jpg]
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