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Advice on E93
Morning guys
Its been a while

I need some advice on a daily as the current daily just doesn't do it anymore.

Anyways I've been wanting a Convertible for a while now and I think its time. The choice is either a 330i or a 335I, I was looking at a 125I but after looking at fuel consumption on previous posts I got put off.

I travel from Northriding to Centurion everyday via N14 which is about 100kms a day. Current daily +/- R680 a tank Mon-Fri excluding weekends. Average about 8.7L/100km. R2800 a month on petrol

I cant find a decent 330I but I did find a 2013 335I in CPT. From what I've read that these 335's are a money pit. Now that the car is 6 years old with 92k old the clock, is it advisable to daily this car with the kms that I do?
Should I just be patient and wait for a decent 330i E93 to come around?

Budget is R260k
What is your current daily..?

Given the mileage that you cover and the fact that you're looking for a daily, I would put my money behind a 330i or even better for your commute, a 330d (albeit not available as a convertible in Exx guise). My 320d averaged 4.8l/100km on the highway, driving down to the South Coast, mixed cycle with lots of short stop start driving is 7l/100km. The 330d fuel consumption is marginally higher but given the performance jump, definitely worth it.

If you are set on a vert, there is a 330i for sale on the forum with low mileage and the right gearbox..

Maintenance on a 335i is more than other models and it will drink fuel if you drive it like you should, but I'll let someone else chime in on the F30 models.. Personally, a 335i is more for performance and if you can afford to daily it, by all means.. I would rather daily a diesel as it's the best of both consumption and performance.
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Thanks I checked it but its not a M-sport.

I know that there are number of factors the influence fuel consumption but I've never heard anyone say their 125i is decent. How bad is it considering I do highway mostly?
Advice on a 135I convertible will also be appreciated

I even had a look at the Audi A5 2.0TDI A/T Convertible. Apparently their claimed 4.7L per 100kms is also false
the 125i is a 3.0 and should be the same consumption .. maybe slightly better because of weight i would imagine. Based on your requirements i would get a 330i cab or 1 depending on the style you prefer and metal top preference etc.
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