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Planned forum downtime and upgrade - Weekend 7-8 December 2019
Attention Fanatics

The time is here to upgrade the Forums to the latest version. The date is set for the weekend of 7-8 December 2019.

What to expect during this time:
  • The forum will be put into maintenance mode
  • A backup/snapshot will be taken and restored to another server to ensure we can rollback if required
  • The upgrade process itself will take 1-2 hours. The reason for this is, because of the size of the database, the regular upgrade scripts fail and time out and I will have to manually run them through the command line
  • After the upgrade, the theme has to be repaired and all addons will stop working with the exception of Tapatalk which is already updated to the latest compatible version - We expect a further required time of 6-10 hours for these fixes to be ported over to the forum
  • Most compatible addons will be restored (already tested ones)
  • There will be a few things that will be broken
  • There will be a few things that is currently broken that will be fixed
  • There will be a surprise new functionality

If you experience any issues for an extensive or unusual time period, please feel free to email and we will look into it as soon as we can.
Cool beans, good luck!
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So we'll have to sign in again cos old password won't work Fencelook

Hope it goes smoothly Thumbs
Hi everyone.

Quick update.

The forum software was upgraded to the latest version. The theme was fixed after the upgrade broke it. Admittedly there is still some rough edges left to smooth out, but most things should work as it did before the upgrade.

There is a small possibility for more downtime tomorrow to sort out a few more changes, but until then feel free to keep on posting.
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