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Alfa 4C Coupe
So this car really got under my skin and I think I had to get it out of my system


So many Alfa owners convincing me to give it a chance... Dealers on Social Media offering to look after me etc...

I think as much as Alfa can be quite a dysfunctional family, there are some caring aunts keeping the kids away from the dodgy uncles...

I also had to basically stop looking at anything for a week because as I was deciding on one car, another would pop up that threw a spanner in the works... M3 Comps, M2 Comp exactly as I had been looking for, Porsches... At some point I think my wife had had enough of this shopping expedition. I think with the price I paid for it, it also saves quite a bit over the other options and should there be tougher times coming, I won't have the sheriff knocking on my door or having fire-sales on M2s or GT4s.

Anyway loose analogies and first-world-problems aside, here is my new Alfa Romeo 4C finished in Bianco Madreperla (Mother of pearl white) with Akrapovic exhaust and 18F/19R Teledial wheels. It also has Koshi carbon skirts and front lip (this may not last very long...)

Whilst certainly not the "best" or most logical car you can buy, given what else I have owned in the past and currently own, it was exactly what I was looking for. The brief was something "different" and this is as different as you can get from the M5... a car that solves for weight and complexity with massive power. This solves for little power and simplicity by being incredibly light and stiff.

@Sarishen can give his first impressions - I think gradually people will understand what this car is about as the see and experience it. They did a very poor job of marketing it.

In fact if it had a BMW badge tacked onto it, I would have probably bought it over a month ago (and if it had a Ferrari badge on it it would sell for triple the price...).

Baby supercar in prep of a full fat supercar later on (I tell myself LOL)

Anyhow, +/- 900kg and 240hp from a mid-mounted engine with a carbon tub, nice suspension and brakes and those looks are a tough combination to beat.

Are there iffy bits? Well the interior is not amazing... but the very active european and US communities have remedied this. I am doing the 8.8" touchscreen soon... the car does stream bluetooth, does calls easily and sounds OK (not that this matters in a car like this) but for navigation, adding a camera and other functions the screen would help alot. When you're in it, the last thing on your mind is the infotainment though... Such an occasion driving it!

[Image: cBrqx5ml.jpg]

[Image: 8RsmDrzl.jpg]

[Image: odCBUmll.jpg]

[Image: jwimvgGl.jpg]

[Image: HwSAyCpl.jpg?1]

Anyway thanks for looking.
[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
Congrats, it surely is a very good looking car Thumbs
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Wow that looks amazing. Congrats man!! Bravo Your garage must be an amazing sight to walk up to in the morning Praise
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Drive it in good health and remember that you cannot afford to put on an extra gram of weight as you will not fit in it .

Pearl white also sounds a lot more exotic in Italian Bluebiggrin
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Congrats Llew.

Many happy and safe kilos.

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Bravo LoL! Congrats Llew
Stunning! Congrats!

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Congrats. may you have many happy miles and smiles smile bounce
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Congratulations! Awesome car!
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Congrats on the new car. Wishing you many happy km with it
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Congrats. That is an amazing car. Bravo
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True petrolhead. I look forward to seeing it on Allandale.
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Congrats on another maxing ride
May she give you miles of smiles

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Congrats Bravo

Big ups for still purchasing one after that whole ordeal Fencelook
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Congrats Llew! Enjoy it!
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Very nice, looking forward to further reviews on it.

Hopefully no breakdowns
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That’s HOT!!!!!! Congratulations!
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Congrats bud and many safe miles.

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Congrats meneer. Car looks amazing

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Finally, Congrats!

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