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my Z4 underwent minor hospitalization, Dr Danny to the rescue
So my "weekend only" Stanby Car became "sick" last week.

At the end of my usual Saturday afternoon "blowing-out the cobwebs" ride in the Z4 last week, whilst waiting in line at the KFC drive-thru, up against the wall, where sound is amplified, I became aware of a noise from the engine bay, that I hadn't heard before.

A clattering sound

Once home, I decide to investigate, after investigating pulleys, and idler rollers, and tensioners, and Alternator, and Aircon compressor, I narrowed down the noise (using the long screw driver against the ear method), that it was the water pump.
Opening the expansion cap to relieve some of the pressure, the nosie level became less (due to less strain)

So started the research phase. 1) Our own forums, 2) international forums, 3) Z4 forums on Facebook, 4) YouTube 5) Real OEM etc

I came across this video

After watching this video, I realized that the work, and tools and jacking equipment was slightly beyond my personal equipment I have at the house, and I was convinced that should I attempt this DIY myself, there would be long long "swear words" echoing around Kempton Park.

So I made contact with Danny here on the forums
He volunteered to undertake the replacement and even better he would bring along sufficient equipment to my own house and the repairs would be done at my own house

A "doctor" that does housecalls !!

A few more PM's, and then whatsapp negotiations, and Danny volunteered to source all the spares and distilled water, and anti freeze, and bring them to my house.

Today was the day, I had a day "OFF" from work, and Danny arrived at my house just after lunch time. I have a parking garage only, and a small toolbox with sufficient tools for smaller DIY taks, Danny brought his big jack, trestles and many more tools.
Re-arrange the cars so that the Z4 was alone in the gagrage, and enough space to move freely.
And the surgery began,

Apart from a minor hiccup, in that we discovered that the large serpentine belt was already showing signs of wear-and-tear, we interupted the work, for an afternoon drive into the traffic chaos of "Black Friday" and purchased a new belt from Goldwagen.

[Image: z4%20water%20pump_6097064253.jpg]

By 4pm all the tools were being wiped down and placed back in their toolboxes and the car was given a little wipe down, surgery over and done with.

My assistance throughout was supportive, (holding a torch) holding a ratchet from the top on the belt tensioner, whilst Danny re-inserted the serpentine belt from beneath, removing the old pump from the top, whilst Danny operated the bottle jack from under neath, tilting the engine in the engine mount. etc etc
generally learning, watching, and chatting in general.

Nice down to earth "chap"

I will be calling on Danny's services again in the future, for work that is beyond my toolbox, beyond my facilities, and beyond my own DIY capabilities.

Thanx Danny
/o(O)(O) \ (lllllllll)(lllllllll) / (O)(O)o\
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Danny is really a great asset to the forum. Rep points for the man

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Thanks all for the good words.

Yeah pump was making a big old racket and didn't want to take the risk of any damages occuring while driving to me.

PS very nice car
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Nice one !
Weekly Saturday afternoon cruise done
no noise
water level fine
/o(O)(O) \ (lllllllll)(lllllllll) / (O)(O)o\
Great job Danny....i hope the guys use your services more often.Bravo
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