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Lemon Law, advice?
Hi everyone,

sorry if this has been asked already. I'm probably even asking a little early before knowing if i need the help, however i'd prefer to have the upper hand on the dealer when i get contact later.

Long story short, i took delivery of my M2 Comp on the 13th of september, and around a week ago there was a rattling/knocking noise from the motor, although i know the S55 has a natural rattle it seemed a little louder. I took it to the dealer this past saturday, and they advised i book it in yesterday, i did.

Today, i get the call that there's one more thing to check on the motor, otherwise they will mark it as damaged and most likely replace it.

Now i don't want to be the huge complainer and all, but the car is literally two months old and i handed it in with 3300km?

I did follow run in procedure I'm quite anal about it, whether its true or false, never about 4500rpm and not above 150kph. Even though on delivery they never mentioned the RPM part just the speed.

So just looking for some advice, should i just say okay replace my motor? or act and ask for a replacement vehicle. A few people have told me to fight for a replacement vehicle, but i don't know.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i also hope this last thing they check is the issue and this was a waste lol

Thanks in advance guys!
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Personally I'd be fighting for a replacement vehicle. If the car was older and you got a free brand new motor then it'd be sweet, but instead you're gonna have mechanics refitting parts fitted at a factory in far worse conditions than originally.

Plus, it's a (very) expensive vehicle, you shouldn't have to deal with BS.
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I would ask for a new car given the mileage and age involved... but it wouldn't surprise me if they thought they were doing you a favour giving you a brand new motor and wouldn't hear anything more about it. We don't really have lemon laws as you read about in the US (and even in the US they would push for the engine swap first and only after that intervention didn't fix it would you probably qualify to have the car 'lemoned' as I understand it).

Fact is someone is going to be a smart alec about the changed motor at 3300km when you're trading the car or selling it (I would certainly ask questions)... so I would try my best to get it replaced with a new car. In this scenario they would probably offer to 'buy back' the car and offer you one (where you still end up paying in a little) which is BS but depends on how you feel about what is proposed.

Either way, get BMW involved (they are most probably already aware of it if they are following normal process). Was it a crank hub issue out of interest?
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If you don't ask, you will never know!

Ask them some real questions and if they don't have the answers, escalate it.
Preferably you want a new car.
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m2 comp is not a normal car and a replacement motor will definitely bring up some red flags when the time comes to sell. I would argue for a replacement as this will definitely affect the future value.

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