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Space Saver Spare F30 Msport
Hi guys,

Looking at getting a space save wheel for my F30 Msport with the 19" wheels with large brake calipers. There's a guy by the name of Andre from Fourways who says he operates from home and sells them for R4k. His company is called German Space Saver Wheels. Anybody use him before - he legit?

Appreciate some guidance.

[Image: img_20190721_081605_8308052521.jpg]
[Image: images%20(18)_7540277955.jpg]
Hi. If it is the same guy, I think Yuben on this forum recommended him to me, and I got mine from him. Good, quick and friendly service.
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Anyone share his details.
I also looking for one.

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All versions of F30 OEM space saver spare does not clear the blue F30 M sport calipers. Would suggest trying it on before buying to confirm.

Your options are to go non-OEM spare wheel or spacers, but that can be finicky as you need extended bolts just for your spare....
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The guy is adamant it will clear the callipers. I'm in Durban and have no way of testing it out. He did send me pics of it fitted onto an E92 M3 which as far as I know came in 19s with big brakes.

PM sent.
[Image: images%20(18)_7540277955.jpg]

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