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Mags - changing their colour advice
Hi all,

Looking at changing the colour of my mags - my car is grey, thinking of making the mags a gun metal grey perhaps. But - what are my options - from what I know its spray painting, plasti dip or power coating. What are your takes on the options and any indication on price to do a set of 4? Many thanks,
Honestly, nobody in SA gets powder coating colours right IMHO. Research low temp vs. high temp as well.

I think although I've gone grey/black/gold/bronze over time, there is nothing like a diamond cut/metal polished wheel with clear and the colour as an accent rather than the main feature.

Plastidip some guys swear by. IMHO it may be comparable to a crap paintjob, but finish is not the same as a good paint job. It is OK to get an idea of whether you will like the colour or not.
[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
Hi, thanks for the reply. Not sure what you mean by the diamond cut/metal polished with clear...? Do you mean in stead of powder coating, painting of plasti dip I can also look at having it diamond cut or metal polished? If I take the rest of your point correctly I agree the wheels should not distract from the car.
Looking at going this route - ferric grey. Need to figure out of powder coating them this is the best way to go. Bluebiggrin Another thought...wonder if BMW will have an issue if I do this with regards to the motor plan...

[Image: bmw%20403%20mags%20ferric%20grey_5054431853.jpg]
Um...Yea......dont do that!

Learn from my experience

Powder coating is a no go.

Im sure it wont have any impact on the motor plan unless you try and claim for peeling paint / cracked rims etc ;-)

I paid R2700.00 for powder coating which turned out to be an epic fail. Then I paid another R1500 to have the rims sand blasted.

I eventually painted them myself, which is a bit of a job but not too hard if you know what you are doing.

I was quoted an average of R1800 - R3500 per rim which is obscene. There is a mobile painting setup that quoted me R3000 for the set of four but I dont know if their work is any good.
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Yesterday I gave the colour some more thought and decided gun metal would be better suited to my mineral grey car. I got a quote from re nu a mag in Edenvale.

[Image: bmw%20403%20mags%20gunmetal%20grey_3857540285.jpg]
Send them in to any reputable rim repair shop and have them sprayed - I've personally never had an issue with sprayed rims
How much did they quote you?
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R2819.80 to powder coat and spray
Send us pics when they are done Thumbs
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