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2019 C200 AMG
SO unfortunately the Mrs car purchase need came into play during my current search so I had a small detour. Despite my best efforts to convert her, the love for Merc is incredibly strong.

Mercs are becoming available for very good deals and my wife is unfortunately a staunch Merc fan. This was one too good to pass up (especially because it had all the bits my wife was looking for - which is rare. You find many of these specced very strangely or otherwise they are very expensive)

AMG bits, white with pano roof, the right electronic goodies, interior and facelifted. May as well be brand new.

This is something of a preview: As with many Mercs, it is at the dealer now having its battery replaced before we collect as they tend to sit for a while before being sold. It was the same with my FILs E200

[Image: gurav2vl.jpg]

[Image: quH3LWzl.jpg]

[Image: HyZRWtkl.jpg]

[Image: xHqq9Kpl.jpg]

Thanks for looking
[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
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my mom drives one...lovely car & has been reliable.

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i love the styling bits... enjoy!
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Seems to be a bit of a panel gap there in the front mate. Fencelook


Stunning looking car. I have never been a merc fan due to the ugly (imo) interiors. But these days they are very nice to be in.
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Nice car Bravo
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Great car and still a proper Merc.
If you haggled and got a great deal - even better.

I would still pick this one (even an older one) over a new CLA200/A200 sedan - those are FWD 1.3l cars with torsion beam rear suspensions - yet cost over R500k.

You made a brilliant decision there, as far as Mercs go.
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[Image: 983452.png]
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i like the new direction Merc has take n over recent years , i think they are evolving better than BMW..i still love BM more though smile bounce

car is a beaut , enjoy !
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This is a really good looking car, I like the interior a lot on this! Congrats it is a good addition Thumbs
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That is a very nice car, Had the chance to drive a C220D and it is not slow.

Very nice place to sit especially on a long distance journey, I would go as far as saying they are now on par with the previous gen S class (W221) in terms of comfort and toys if not better.

Congrats to the wife she has good taste, Wishing her many happy safe miles.

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Great car, congrats
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Great stuff. I sat in a C180 AMG few months back and I was really impressed with the interior and quality especially considering that particular one had the full electronic dash. Thumbs
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Wow.... that is stunning... congrats... Bravo
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So some of the features:

Supersport steering wheel deep embossed leather
AMG Line Exterior
Wide wheel arch for AMG Wheels
AMG Wheels
AMG Line Interior
Smartphone integration with Carplay & Android Auto
Parking Package
Active Parking
Collision warning with active brake application (FCW-Stop)
Mercedes-Benz Connect + Remote Engine Start
Storage package
Panoramic Sunroof/Glass Roof
9 Speed Automatic Transmission
Electroplated steering paddles
Cruise Control
Sport Suspension with lowering
Sports speed sensitive power steering
Adaptive highbeam assist plus
Dynamic Multibeam LED lights
AMG Styling Front Spoiler
AMG Styling Side Skirts
Interior Light Package
Assistance System Steering Wheel Control Changeover
HERMES Communication Module LTE

I don't particularly like the leather, but it is very comfortable. The infotainment I doubt I would ever get used to but, hey Android Auto and Carplay negate most of that.

I want to cross check exactly what powertrain it has since the spec sheet says rather than the 135kw M264 1.6T with 10kw hybrid assist, the VIN seems to indicate it is the 2.0T M264 in the C300 derated to 145kw... might be an SA thing for fuel or just an error. There are 3 distinct lines for "M264", "2.0L displacement" and "Engine Derated". Might make sense because the sales person at Merc Sandton had no clue what I was talking about when asking about the Hybrid assist Rofl
[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
Always liked the look of this particular merc. They just exude qualityPraise
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
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Few more pics and thoughts:

The leather is synthetic but feels good. Seems like it will wear well. It is different to the leather in the A and CLA which is total garbage.

Seat bolsters are substantial and wouldn't be out of place on a quicker car... contrast stitching also adds to the atmosphere.

[Image: iIrqlR2l.jpg]

"Dark open pore wood" is a lot better than the glossy black plastic (though they call it piano black, it is not a finished wood like in BMW Individuals - once it is scratched it is game over. We don't have the analogue clock option.

[Image: kG5ubYpl.jpg]

Some outside shots - not a bad his/hers garage

[Image: bbfVYytl.jpg]

[Image: 1OTR9Trl.jpg]

Multibeam LEDs are definitely a box to tick if buying one of these...

[Image: E0H60Vul.jpg]

[Image: ihkAcjal.jpg]

I thought it was interesting that the AMG bumpers have actual cut-out sections - on S-line or M-sport cars these often have black plastic caps on them.

[Image: 13HVPmsl.jpg]
[Image: w0YM6SYl.png]
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Lovely garage dude! Wish you and the Mrs many safe miles.Praise
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Congrats. The facelift W205 is a nice car. Glad they changed the gearbox which was the most annoyong thing for me about the pre-fl. Your spec is on point. Bravo

As far as I remember, the C200 was supposed to be a 1.5T. What I do know is that the C200 release was delayed when the fl was launched apparently due to homologation issues. Maybe thats the reason MB decided/was forced to go with the M264?
How is the space inside compared to the 5er? they almost look like they are the same size in this picture or maybe its the angle of the shot

[Image: 1OTR9Trl.jpg]
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