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BMW118i 2009 model (Full engine power not available)
Hey guys!!! i have a BMW118i 2009 model and few months ago i suddenly got stuck with it. It had no power at all. Few days later an orange half engine sign appeared on the dashboard, It has been diagnosed for several times and it complained about the valvetronics. They were replaced together with the plugs, oil and the carburetor was also cleaned. It still didn't have the power and it was later diagnosed again, twice and the machine didn't show any errors. It is as if the car is in its normal shape but it has no power at all. Sometimes i get stuck and i have to wait for several hours for it to cool down then it starts again without me doing anything but it doesn't have the overheating sign when doing that. Sometimes it doesnt start at all, i have to tow it back home and it would sit for more than a week without starting.

Please advice

Thank you
Fix the car and then sell it.

They tend to have problematic engines ThumbdownSorry
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The idea is to fix and sell but i cant seem to get it fixed
dunno anymore
Didnt know 118's still used Carbs Hammerhead
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If your mechanic told you that he cleaned the carb, then you need a new mechanic..
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Sounds like a crank sensor to me.
My 318ti used to do the same thing.
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have to agree with Nick.

Had same issue on a 330ci..

Car would drive then suddenly cut out.
Then you would have to wait for the Engine to cool down before she fires up again and Drives...

And the cycle repeats.

Crank sensor was replaced and it worked 100%
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Yep agree, definitely sounds like the crank sensor. Had the same issue on 2 of my E46's.

Either that or the VVT had similar symptoms.
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Thanks a lot guys. Will replace the crank sensors and see what happens. They were just checked but not replaced.

Hopefully all will be well
Put some Webber side drafts on too!
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Nah, holley sniper carb, surely bmw could have started using fuel injection by now omg waiting
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