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N54 Vanos Issues
Hi Guys

So a little background to my story, a few months ago while my car was at the shop for a separate issue it was decided we would do valve stem seals under a claim from an aftermarket warranty. Long story short, the claim was rejected due to seals being a wear and tear item and the job had to be done cash as everything was already stripped, fast forward a month or 2 and this n54 does not want to co-operate.

Head was sorted, everything assembled, timing done(using the timing tool) and the car started on the turn. All that was left now was to replace the waterpump as the unit was constantly spinning, but then we start the car after a few days and after idling for a bit the idle goes completely off, car throw's codes (not sure on the exact code but it was vanos/timing related), so the mech opens up everything again and finds the exhaust cam timing off, he re-set the timing, and started it, but it goes off again. This goes on 2 more times and the last time we find both cam timings are off.

Mech says I need to replace the vanos gear units which is coming to about 19k for the set. I found a guy that says he can repair my units with a 6 months guarantee but my mech says the units cannot be fixed.

Can somebody please shed some light on this matter, its been 4 months now without my car and it's becoming really frustrating. I'm not really in a position to spend 19k for new vanos + 6k for a waterpump over and above the 18k already spend for the head.

Any advice/guidance regarding the timing and/or vanos gears would be appreciated.

Bro that is hectic, i hope you come right, my honest suggestion would be to speak to Danny from DSC Motorsport, or Kish 2604. Sorry bud
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thanks for the mention guys, i appreciate it.

@OP please drop me a pm and we can arrange to have a look at the car
Ive got exactly the same problem. I have already changed the water pump and thermostat and done the head. I have also found a guy that is able to recondition my vanos gears with a 6 month guarantee
Let me also know if you come right as i would also need some advice.
I was going to take my vanos gears to him on wednesday.

Pls let me know
Also paid mega school fees with this issue, can become a money pit, give me shout, got some spares for diagnosis purposes, also some advise on who not to use.

Thanks again kish, Martin E90ers and diago at bmw

Thank you hellom3 for removing n54 from my hrt
Try savspeed they very clued up pricing is good as well.

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Thanks for all the replies guys.Ty

@MoB123, let me know whether the recondition helps, I've put my car on hold for now until I know for sure what's wrong, I'm just not convinced 2 properly functioning vanos gears both give up at the same time simply because we opened them and did not lock a spring inside, I may be wrong but no sense in spending money on guesses.

@NuBe93n54, what solved your issue?
So iv done everything related to the vanos,if I had to do it all over again this would be my sequence (I'm no expert nor skilled)
Drain oil, make sure the correct oil used, correct quantity is in, as the oil level sensor can be faulty, I can vouch for it reading full on idrive, wen drained whole different story..
Swop vanos solenoids, check if the codes move, mine remained on exaust from the beginning but would seldom throw both codes
U can try n clean the solenoids, it can help, delay the inevitable
My first advise buy vanos solenoids from bmw,
Start there, then vanos check valves.. Both easy diy
Cam sensor
Updated Teflon Cam seals, if the wear is noticeable, cam boxes will be on the list
Timing... Lotz of stuff contribute,
tensioner, guide, chain,
Vanos units should be last, but if codes still there,
It seldom that both vanos intake n exaust will out the same time
Oil pressure switch is also related, changed that as well,
Lastly oil pressure pump
I don't wish this upon my worst enemy
Good luck,
Pm me, iv got some parts u can borrow to help diagnose
I'm in jhb tho eastrand

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