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F30 318i - B38
Anyone in one of these?
What's is it like day to day?
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We have one.. In use daily!

It had its fair share of (a issue), it left my mom stranded next to the road a few times, for a brand new car that was not a great thing... BMW did not want to listen to me as what would I know... They replaced all kinds of things.. Long story short it had a faulty injector.. But it now has a new turbo, new sensors, all new injector system.. So not complaining now but was frustrating while this was all happening.

Look after it was fixed, I cannot fault the car, think I have posted here before that I prefer the comfort in it as it has the 17s on it, it has 100kw and for a daily car that is all you really need.. Engine sounds better than the N16 we had before.. But less power, the N16 had a nice boost coming in at 4k rpm which made it a nice little go cart to drive, but that motor.. yeah whole other story..

I had the 320d previously and in all truth and honestly.. I think that is the better car as a daily.. I'd take a well sorted 320d Msport over this any day all day for a daily traffic car..
That is my view, hope that helps. Thumbs
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We had one on lease and let's just say - that is all it's good for. Good and comfy for daily application.

Would hate to have to maintain one outside of plan. All that money and effort to still be left with a POS.

Buy a 320d.
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I had a chance to drive one.
I was suprised with the torque delivery.
The 8 speed auto wasn't a good match. At 120km on the highway I had to put the car in sport mode and drop from 8 to 6th gear in order to maintain speed up hill.

I was averaging in the high 7s in terms of fuel consumption. I seen other other car with fuel consumption between 8.7 and 9.2.
This is ridiculous as I'm averaging 9.3 on the M4 currently.
I guess the only thing the b38 has going for it is the cost. Moving from a new X1 18i to a 20d is a 100k option.

Looks like I'm going to have to pass on this one for now.
F36 435i AT - Build Thread
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