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bmw e90 320i 2009 water leak
hello beemer fanatics.
please help

1. I notice a leak on this pipe as per red arrow in picture 1. please advise what is the cause and is it an easy fix?where in jhb can i buy this?

2. I noticed this pipe has perished. second picture. Can i replace just the smaller pipe and not the hose? where in jhb can i buy this
[Image: photoeditor_20191010_092000129_9173860988.jpg].jpg[/img]
[Image: photoeditor_20191010_092055320_6787341089.jpg]

Goldwagen should stock these parts, and not too expensive as well, and the quality is good enough to last.

Good luck

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Hi Dawie

I second Coisman, Goldwagen definitely stocks them. OEM part number should be 17127531768. You have to get the whole unit though, they don't have the loose pipes. Was around R1200 on Wifey's 1 series. Had exactly the same leak, all fixed up now.
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hey bud, I replaced those same pipes about 2 months ago,
bought it at the for 1,5k.

dont bother trying to fix it..... your mess it up more ( i already trieddunno anymore)

got the pipe that ran from expansion tank across the top of the radiator,
as well as the "upper" pipe from the oil cooler down to radiator.
was surprised as i was expecting to pay more... the prices were in line with Boss Auto spares website that I used as a reference.
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Went through this exercise last year.
I replaced all the water pipes,thermostat,radiator and the expansion tank as well as a new cap.

You should check the heat shielded pipe that connects to the head as well.
That plastic that connects to the head gets brittle with time and starts to leak so change that as well.
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thanks you gents

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