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Puncture repair-in-a-can: experience?
Hi all,

Has anyone used this stuff before?

On a previous plug repair, there appears to be an ever so slight leak, which requires the tyre to be pumped up again every 2 weeks (it loses about 0.5bar over 2 weeks).

Would these tool-in-a-can repair things with goop inside be worthwhile?

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I've tried the Wynn's Tyre fix and the Sheild Tyre jack, lets just say I keep 1 or 2 cans in every single car, always worked for me and if you get a puncture in the night its way more convenient to use a can then to have to change the wheel to the spare in a shady place Fencelook

I've also had an instance where the Tyre was leaking slightly along the lip where the Tyre seals against the rim, used tyre fix and it never leaked again, never had any issues, no residue left when tyres were changed over a year later.

Your best bet would be to take it somewhere and get them to remove the old plug and replug but for R60 a can its worth a shot, up to you.
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Puncture repair-in-a-can is great as a quick fix to get on the road again. Will never go to the Transkei again (been stuck on a remote road with 2 flat tyres on boat trailer for 5 hours) without at least 2 of these in the car for emergencies.
Definitely NOT a permanent solution.
I also drive with a can in my car, Although i have never needed to use one for a puncture, i have successfully fixed slow punctures on several tires with the Tool in a car tyre fix can, so yeah it works great.
Can also vouch that some of them do work. You get the gel ones that is generally more expensive but work very well on larger punctures. I have used the foam ones as well and they can get you out of a tight spot.

You've actually reminded me now to get one again Fencelook
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I have tried these twice before with slow punctures. They do work, and are great when to keep in the boot when you travelling far. However, considering they cost around 60-70 bucks a can, I would just put a normal puncture plug which is a cheaper.
No expert here, but I carry a can, and I consider it a temp quick fix when in a jam. In fact my can is now so old I should check the best before date.
They do work, I always have 2 in the car, but be sure to check their expiry dates and make sure you replace them if not used. That one day you will need it, has helped me before a lot! More convenient than getting the BMW compressor out as well etc..
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I have used the BMW repair kit on my 335 with non runflats and its working great...the refills are pricy but worth carrying for emergencies.
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