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BMW E92 M3 fitment help
Hi guys,

I need some assistance from the wheel guru's out there for E92 m3 fitment.

I've done some online calculations, but can never trust it fully.

Im unable to test fit the wheels as they are in JHB (im in CPT)

Will the following fit without needing to run spacers on the rear:
20 inch
Front - 9.5j ET25
Rear - 11j ET40

Im worried that the rear offset will cause the wheel to touch the shock strut, and if spacers are required will they touch the fender?
What tyres would be recommended to run for no rubbing issues?

Car is lowered with H&R Sport springs, which is not a crazy drop.
I do have spacers on at the moment, so they can be used, however the width of the wheels are quite aggressive.

Any help would be appreciated.
have you tried measuring the space between your current wheels and the shocks and possibly the fenders? If you can report that back, with the psecs of your current wheels, we can make a more informed decision.

I was advised that M6 wheels would not fit on the 5 series, but they do with some room for more.
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