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E60 shocks
Hi guys,

Anyone replace shocks recently? Looking for sachs but it seems most only stock bilstein. If i remember correctly around 3 months ago Goldwagen wanted around R12k for the b6 however i insisted i needed the b4s for the msport, the guy keeps saying they only have b4 for non msport and b6. Am i mistaken with the codes on them? Is there a difference between the e90 and e60 shock?
Replaced my 2005 non motorsport shocks with new Sachs from ZF (ordered them through Midas) about 18 months ago. Did it myself. There is nothing wrong with Bilstein, so go for them if you can get them for a decent price. Also, try the suppliers on the Forum first!
Bilstein is a very nice product, i fitted both the B4 and B6 for customers recently, B4 is soft like OEM but slightly better... B6 is stiff and very sporty... There's a difference in Msport and Non-MSport shocks.. Dont use the wrong one because your car will sit slightly higher/lower.
You will have to use B6 is if your car is sportpack.

KYB makes, Bilstein and Sachs are your options.

Diesel electric, Autozone, Midas, Naskar, GW etc etc. E60 shocks are quite overpriced all around.
Contact @Peter@AEW for a quote on Bilstein or Koni shocks..
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