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F25 X3 Sport Tyres
Good Day Everyone

I need some assistance with new tyres. Current Tyres is Dunlop Sport Maxx GT.
Front: 245/45R19
Rear: 275/40 R19
Rear Tyres have about 1 mm left, the Front tyres still have a couple of mm's left and is actually in sound condition. I actually want to replace only the rear tyres. Can I replace with another brand, or if I want to change to another brand do I need to change all 4? Also what tyres do you guys suggest without selling both my kidneys?



you can just change both the rears if u want, u said the front 2 are still fine so u can just change 2. Unfortunately we wont be able to get those size tyres, our supplier doesnt stock them.

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My experience of this mix combo on my F25 X3 is that you can't change tyres on one axle ie only rear and not front. The traction control gets confused and I am told that the centre diff may also take strain.

I eventually changed my rims because I found that the inside of the rear tyres was bald while there was a good tread depth remaining on the outside. Of course this stands in contradiction to what I have said about the traction control however I am given you my experience only.

So I used to change all four tyres when the inside of the rears was worn out. In my opinion this tyre width at the rear is wrong for the X3 rear suspension. Again that's my opinion based on my experiences.

You may want to get a price on Goodyear Excellence tyres in those sizes. That's what I used to run and were good all round with excelling in any one area.


Look for 18in rims and tyres like I did. Fencelook

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