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BMWFanatics announces partnership with Michelin RSA
BMWFanatics is proud to announce our new partnership, with the most recognizable name in the tyres and motorsport industry, MICHELIN RSA. It has taken us some time to forge this relationship, but we are confident that this partnership will usher in a new era for BMWFanatics in terms of hosting top class events.

Over the past year, Michelin RSA has made BMWFanatics feel more premium with that striking and professional branding that was first exhibited at our RACEDAY 2018. We are proud to announce that Michelin continue to be one of our platinum sponsors for 2019 and all events for our 2019 calendar. In addition to sponsoring our events, Michelin has also been a keen sponsor & advertiser on the forum since last year.

We look forward to working with them, and bringing you the latest developments with regard to R&D and launches of new Michelin products that are available through all their dealers and stockists. With being the chosen tyre manufacture for various motorsport genres, and developing tyres for those specific needs, such as, MOTO GP, Hill Climbing, Auto Circuit, Formulae E, Leman Cup etc, it’s no wonder they are recognised as a world leader in tyres. With the newly launched PS4 tyre as well, the future looks promising.

We would like to request members that attend events and that post pics up on social media to please add #michelin or #micehlinrsa to your tags. Lets help grow this partnership together.

Please give a warm welcome to the Michelin RSA Team and lets make them part of the fanatics family.

Have a look at some of the pix from our archive.

[Image: 1_1472933730.png]

[Image: 2_5700209136.jpg]

[Image: 3_1016762373.jpg]

[Image: 4_5896718385.jpg]

[Image: 5_9426072807.jpg]

[Image: 6_9304982651.jpg]

[Image: 7_9201708701.jpg]

[Image: 8_2748429938.jpg]
...Sooo...discounts on Cup 2’s?Fencelook

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Well done and welcome Michelin Thumbs
/o(O)(O) \ (lllllllll)(lllllllll) / (O)(O)o\
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welcome welcome Praise
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Welcome Michelin RSA Bravo
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Welcome MichelinPraisePraise
.... still searching for the perfect replacement BlueCry
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Welcome guys!

Does this mean good deals on tyres for us?
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Welcome. Thumbs
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Wow, this is a huge deal. Well done BMWFanatics and Michelin RSA!!Bravo
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Over the past few months it's been an awesome experience working with such a huge company and having them as partners at events. It's given our events a more professional look and allowed us to break into ground we previously were not.

Keep you eyes peeled on this section as we will update new products and events become available.

On a side note, please note that Michelin will not be quoting on tyres and giving pricing, this can only be given by their dealers and agents. We are looking into bringing one of them board as a vendor as well.

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Well, look, if a vendor is able to give some great pricing on Michelins........I will gladly throw hastags like nobodys business.

I love Michellin - like really.

Best tyres I have ridden and driven on.
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The king of tyre makers!

Absolutely the best tyres out there (if you have the money).

1. Michelin
2. Continental
3. Pirelli
4. Goodyear
5. Other (you can punch in any name you like)
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I remember my days when I had my Reno RS, and Michelin took over the RS champs and started Michelin Cup. They really know how to go about these events BravoThumbs
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Best! EVER!!

Congrats and welcome to Michelin!
Look forward to being more involved with you guys and the brand!
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Excellent news. Welcome Michelin

I have become a Michelin Fanboy over the past few years... with multiple sets of PSS and now the PSC2. Even my Wife's Elantra has PS4 lol
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(10-04-2019, 06:48 PM)UpNcOmiNg! Wrote: Praise
Best! EVER!!

Congrats and welcome to Michelin!
Look forward to being more involved with you guys and the brand!

You have your work cut out for youTiptoe
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Wow, this is a nice step forward.

Well done guys
Wow! Super news, well done!!

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