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A brake pad tale of tales
27-12-2018, 06:55 AM
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laugh A brake pad tale of tales
So the 6-er has been an...interesting car so far. This is the tale of my recent rear brake pad change...

The rear brakes were getting on, with the little orange car showing up every time I start the car. Now, I have driven top-shelf German cars for the longest time and know full well the maintenance cost associated with them, but BMW New Zealand is taking this piss when it comes to part prices. Rear brake pads and a sensor for almost $500, I think not...thank you very much. With the F12 not being all that popular in NZ none of the spares places have any brake pads for them, nor for the F10 it would seem, so I went the eBay route (which I have done plenty of times before). I bought these: EBAY LINK. $250 for front and rear pads...sweet.

Then I get a letter from Auckland Transport in the mailbox. "Dear so and so, your next WOF is on us!"...yep, the WOF (roadworthy, has to be done every year) that was done on my car when I purchased it was done by one of the now-suspended inspectors (big crackdown happening at the moment on bogus inspectors), and I need to get it re-checked before the end of January 2019. No worries, brake pads are on their way so once that's sorted the car will be good as gold.

Shipment "with" pads arrive from the UK...tracking status updated to "shortage" which means that the pads were on the manifest, but not in the cargo. Great, no I have to lodge a claim with eBay. Fine, I'll get a refund, but now my car is screaming "330km to go until the brake light turns red". I consider the BMW route again but decided to reference the HELLA PAGID catalogue for OEM part numbers, and I find them. As luck would have it an Aussie store sells them: LINK for just over a hundy. Order, pay and delivered i 4 days flat. #Winning!

Now in the meantime, I had my car's wheel balance and alignment done, after getting the front tyres replaced. This was done by Beaurepairs (think Supaquick). All good, car feels much better afterwards. On Monday I finally get the ISTA+ software working on my Mac (needed to put the electronic park brake into service mode, else you have to disassemble it in order to wind it back for the brake pad job). Ready to rock and roll...let's get the wheels off. Nah, not happening. Bolts are on so tight that my bar won't budge them. Go up to Beaurepairs so they can loosen them...super surprised that they are on so tight. Can't get the one rear locknut off. After trying for 45 minutes they give off to BMW I go. They tell me that the inside shape of locknut is Because Beaurepairs used a rattle gun on the bolts. BMW try for 45 minutes and give up. The bolt is screwed (pun intended) and the lock nut simply slips out when you apply pressure. They recommend getting it drilled out...but the place they use is closed until mid-January. While I was there I picked up 4 new regular wheel bolts to replace the locking ones ($55).

On the way home I call Beaurepairs head office and speak to the area manager, who is very apologetic and helpful. She calls me back having found a place that could help me on Friday morning. I call them and explain the situation in detail, nah...beyond their skills. Recommend I go to Pitstop Botany. Call them, and they ask me to bring the car in today (Thursday). Go there this morning and an hour later the bolt is out. They welded a blob onto it in order to get it out, with no damage to the rim ($200).

Get home, get the wheels off and replace the pads and sensor. 90 minutes all in. Not a bad effort and floating callipers make it a super easy job. 

Moral of the story: do not let anyone with a rattle gun near your car if you have lock nuts.

-The End-

[Image: welded-lock-nut_107317590.jpg]

[Image: caliper-off-and-clean_3978454135.jpg]

[Image: floating-caliper_4184649293.jpg]

[Image: new-vs-old-pads_2510070959.jpg]

[Image: cbs-reset-done_9117795899.jpg]

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27-12-2018, 08:29 AM (This post was last modified: 27-12-2018 08:30 AM by Danny@DSCmotorsport.)
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A brake pad tale of tales
Glad u came right getting the locknut off.

I had the same issue on my previous car where the locknut key broke trying to remove the locknut.

There is another way to remove these locknuts without having to weld on the car, just might cost you some tools.

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27-12-2018, 12:22 PM
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RE: A brake pad tale of tales
damn..., almost 2 sets of pads just to get the nut off....Hammerhead

glad you got it sorted though.

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27-12-2018, 12:40 PM
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RE: A brake pad tale of tales
you should have done it the South African Wheel thief way

I bought a car with the locknut Key missing and all i did was M$$red a multispline Socket just bigger than the Bolt Head, Then Shot it loose with the gun

but glad you got it sorted...

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