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Lifespan of unused space saver tyre
17-05-2018, 12:29 PM
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Lifespan of unused space saver tyre

As per my other posts on this forum, you will know that I recently purchased a used space saver wheel. It is an E90 wheel and has Continental rubber - 135/80 R17 102M.

The wheel and rubber look and feel brand new. I even got an all clear from TWT who checked it and it holds pressure well too.

I saw that the year of manufacture (the 4 digit code on all tyres) is "4807". This means it was built in week 48 of year 2007 (as a side note, if you are ever buying a used/demo car with low mileage, always check that the code is consistent among all 4 main tyres, else it could mean that the dealer swopped out a tyre or two).

So, the rubber is 11 years old. TWT were not too concerned, saying that as long as the tread looks good and the tyre holds its pressure well (420kpa), then all is fine.

A Google search provides mixed views on using an old tyre, with many saying that it is fine as long as the rubber was kept away from the elements and sunlight. Looking at the condition of the tyre, it seems like it was pampered accordingly.

I see that the cost of replacing the tyre is not too bad - about R1,000 from Errol's Tyres.

As a quick fix solution, I have no doubt that this tyre will perform its duty to take me that bit extra distance to safety (assuming that one of my RFT'ed alloys is FUBAR'ed).

However, I would like your views on tyre age of spare wheels in general.

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17-05-2018, 01:20 PM
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RE: Lifespan of unused space saver tyre
I remember reading tyres should not be older than 6 years.. Or I could be dreaming that up.. But an 11 year old as a spare is probably okay.. It won't be in use a lot, if the rubber is not cracking etc I cannot see an issue.

Tyres for main use on the other hand.. Yeah for a car that does not drive a lot I would be cautious to drive one with tyres that old.

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