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Price of oil
13-03-2018, 12:51 PM,
Price of oil
Was at Merc dealership recently and they had this special on. It was for 210litres of oil for R9150 plus vat. Works out to R49.67 a litre of synthetic oil. Sounds like a bargain![Image: oil%20again_8719145543.jpg][Image: oil_7890531411.jpg]
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13-03-2018, 01:00 PM,
RE: Price of oil
Thats a lot of oil changes Rofl
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13-03-2018, 01:26 PM,
RE: Price of oil
Sorry what is the age of this oil, by the looks of the actual drums rust on the top ring edges and the label itself it looks suspicious.

Synthetic oil life span is 5 years, what is the expiry date on this one. Plus man that is a huge amount of oil changes. Take for instance my NA 6 uses 6.5L for every oil change, we talking about 32 oil changes in 5 years or 6 a year.

Doesnt oil create sedimentation which require you to roll the drum etc for a homogeneous product....... I wouldnt do this to be honest. Plus oil is like a life line for your engine, dont want to play with that.

And why are they selling this if they can make a profit of this, R100 + vat a litre, so that drum is R21 000 in value but they selling it at half price, something isnt right here....

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