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Rayzor's F10 535i
As many of you will know, my e90 LCI 330d was laid to rest early this year, which left me stranded without wheels. The search for a new car was not an easy one. There were so many options available. But coming out from a paid of car and getting into the instalment game again wasn't one that I was too keen on. I needed something that was affordable and offered good value for money. Narrowing my choices down to the F10 was an easy decision as I loved the shape since its launch. So the hunt began, I looked at and test drove a few models, including a 535d which I was very close to snatching up. But there was something that just didn't appeal to me, Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't my 330d which I loved so much. I did not want to find myself in a position of regret where I would keep comparing my old diesel to my new one. non the less I was running out of time and needed wheels ASAP(Which is never the best place to be when looking for a new daily). So I put an offer on the 535d. Now here comes the spanner in the works. My application for the 535d was approved but on the day of the approval I was still searching the inter-webs and came across a car that just appealed to me in every way. I went to view the car and was blown away with how clean it was and wow did it drive really well, the tones from the Mperf exhaust was just sweet music to my ear.

So without further ado...The 535i. Excited

[Image: 20180120_125616_7109962869.jpg][Image: 20180120_125624_2887970409.jpg][Image: 20180120_125555_1054231380.jpg][Image: 2951316_9_9362081759.jpg]
Congrats on this beast, looks good.
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went for a drive in this car it has really sold me on the F10.Bravo
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Long overdue showroom post Ray smile bounce

Here comes another great transformation.
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So much jelly!

Stunning car dude! Hope she treats you well!
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Awesome car, congrats! Praise
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wow, congrats !!!!
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Looks great, CongratsBravo
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A very nice rare BMW. You dont see many of these around. Bravo
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Bravo Congrats
[Image: img_20171114_200937_153438444.jpg]
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Congrats Ray

This F10 looks hot!
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I just love reading your posts Ray.
Your english is so good Bravo
Firi could learn a thing or two from you
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perfect car - loads of space , loads of spec, loads of power, loads of looks.
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Awesome machine BroPraisePraisePraise
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Congrats bru. Enjoy the car
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Congrats mate Thumbs
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Congrats Bravo
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Congrats on the car it looks amazing.
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love it
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