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My Alpine White BMW 335i Motorsport
So I woke up one morning and decided I needed something a little quicker than the 330i. The 330i has decent performance but in a world of increasingly more forced induction cars, it just wasn't quite fast enough.. More of a personal performance car, if you will.

I knew that I wanted to experience E90 ownership before I progressed on to the F30 chassis. Having driven an E90 320i regularly for the better part of 4 years, I knew that the E90 had an inherently good chassis, albeit very different in handling dynamics to the E46, which feels a lot more "chuckable".. I knew that the car would have to have a motorsport kit, xenon lights, sunroof and upgraded sound system, with low mileage. Preferably Alpine White or Space Grey, anything else would be a bonus..

I initially decided I would go with a 330d and then the hunt began, but finding a good 330d, with my specifications was a real ball-ache. Whilst looking at the online classifieds I came across numerous 335i's and that got me thinking.. I have always admired the 335i but the maintenance costs and fuel consumption were always something I had at the back of my mind when searching for another car. After speaking to the KZN x35i contacts, it sort of put my mind at ease...

I figured 'YOLO' (yes, I cringed when I thought of this overused acronym) and decided that since I was in a position to afford one now, whilst I am young, why not.. Reminded me of an old quote by Lewis Caroll, "In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take..." So the search began for a 335i, I had looked at and driven quite a few different cars, with both versions of the powerplants. There was just something about the power delivery of the N54 that grabbed me, and whilst I know that these engines will require more maintenance than their N55 counterparts, that power delivery had me after the first drive.

Anyway, on to the details/pictures of my latest acquisition and stablemate to the 330i:

2010 BMW 335i (N54) Motorsport in Alpine White with Black Dakota leather. Car is automatic with paddle-shift, manual 335i's are hard to come by with my spec requirements.. Fencelook Best part about the car was the mileage and condition, advertised with only 75xxxKM on the clock and honestly, one of the better condition E90's I have seen in recent times... Still looks and feels brand new. Blowheart

[Image: _20170812_093304_35564112.jpg]

[Image: _20170812_093329_4214602671.jpg]

[Image: _20170812_093427_4379620570.jpg]

[Image: _20170812_093404_7161542447.jpg]

More updates to follow... Ty
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[Image: 3.jpg]
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Congrats BroBravoBravoBravoBravo
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Congrats bud
Many safe milesBravoBravo
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congrats, all the best Bravo
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Gorgeous car... perfect spec level.

Congrats man
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Nice one bro... Enjoy smile bounce
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Many safe miles and smiles broBravo
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Shes Beautiful
Many happy safe milesThumbs
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congrats bud, awesome cars, cant wait to see what you got in store for this car BravoBravo
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Congrats bro... looks mint
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Bravo congratz bro
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Congrats Bro Bravo
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WoW! Congrats Bro, still looks like brand new Blowheart
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Congrats on the new carBravo car looks mint still
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My N54 makes me smile every day!
Congrats and many safe happy km's! [/align]
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Nice writeup!

Any mods on the cards?

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Congrats..the lines on these models can not be beaten.
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Many Happy Miles! Cartel
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Congrats on your purchase, she looks beautiful. Have many safe and trouble free kms with her mate.
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Congrats Kev, Well doneThumbs
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