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F25 Bootlid button
04-10-2017, 08:28 AM
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RE: F25 Bootlid button
There are three wires on the button. One for earth, one that taps into the module under the dash which i presume is for the central locking and another for the light in the button. I had the light wire and the one going into the module mixed. (The light wire was not connected as i do not know where to plug it in - also do not need a light on the button as it is easy to access) Funny that it worked at first when i tried it but then stopped working so i did not think to check the wiring on the button at first but after spending literally hours on the boot wiring and when i was just about to cut all the boot wires and rewire them, i thought to unplug the button. Unplugged it and the key fob worked, the boot handle worked and everything was back to normal. On closer inspection of the wiring under the dash i realized my mistake!
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