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FiRi's SO's 120d
A little less 2 years back, God blessed with the arrival of 2nd baby Boy, Muhammed. Those who are close to me, know how much his arrival meant to me and all the stress involved during the wife's pregnancy hence the joy that encompassed us on his arrival home 6 weeks after birth.

Muhammeds arrival meant a few changes that needed to be done. Shortly after he was born and we settled in, we had to start thinking of another car as a daily as the 2 door we using was no lomger pracrical.

It took us the better part of a year to decide what we wanted and the wife only had one thing on her mind, a nice compact e87 1 series.

Before buying a new car I needed to sell our old faithful 1996 Honda 150i civic. It served us for 8 years and we were and still are worried abiut the replacment doing the same.

The Car went off to the first person that came home to see it, and I was happy to see it go a new home where it would be looked after.

Pics of the Honda a few days before leaving with its new owner...

[Image: 75a0887b61f93c4f43d7a5ed4e2884fd.jpg]

[Image: 55a1dfc835417903b43727d19d9fd7e7.jpg]

[Image: 1d2e0d721c1d00f22beabfd9c4097d3b.jpg]

Towards the end of May, the replacement was found and the first diesel car in my family after 40 year made its way home. I still wonder what my Late dad would have said if he seen me buying a diesel, as he hated the sound of them 

People who were instrumental in helping me find the right car and giving me advise on what to look for was, Charles aka Twins , Rennzport aka Zaahier, Gert aka Obdworx (who specially went to view the car and run diagnostics tests for me) and Tris (for giving me values after values so I could make sure I wasn't overpaying). A Massive thanks to you all for your patience and help.

On to the new cab

Details : 2008 BMW 120d
Motor : N47
Mileage on collection : 107530
Colour : Alpine White
Transmission : Manual
Extras : Rear pdc - leather seats - MFS -finish and Kla
Aftermarket Extras - Sound system & Parrot Blue tooth kit.

[Image: bc01b6f1ea058ada4f4c0442ee423dc7.jpg]

[Image: ffc361e4fe7efc8e756aca9c9c2bbad7.jpg]

[Image: cf11c51432e13eb243a4094d0fa9cc00.jpg]

She came in as plain Jane and Divio already told She would have to be Firified

Work to be carried on after collection:

- Some cosmetic changes - Naturally
- Major service including Fuel filter
- Shocks and springs
- Removal of Sound System
- Complete detail
- Race chip Piggy Back Tune

Will post my progress as I get time.
Thanks for reading Guys.

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With trying times comes joyous days brother....

Will keep an eye out for developments as you never let the readers down =)
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Well, we all know there's more updated pics bud. Come now, don't hold back.
PMs don’t work, so if I don’t reply I’m not being rude.
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Well done Firi. Let's wait for the FIRIFICATION to take placeRollsmile
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Congrats Firi and Mrs Firi, hope she has many happy miles with all the Firi juniorsRollsmile

So like when you changing it to a 1M front bumper??
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(12-06-2016, 07:05 PM)Ratslaaf@OBDWorx Wrote: Well, we all know there's more updated pics bud. Come now, don't hold back.

What this guy said
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Many happy miles to the Firi family!!
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Congrats Firi Clapper
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Congrats Firi.

Diesels seem to taking over
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Diesel Bleahhhhhhh.....

But Congrats and many safe miles for the Fam! Rollsmile

Post the Pics, she is a Stunner Now!

Firified FTW!

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: Stretch-_Dajee.jpg]
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Congrats, beautiful car!!
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This car has been made fap worthy...

Come on Firi...

Congrats again on the car bru

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(12-06-2016, 10:08 PM)Spiro Wrote: This car has been made fap worthy...

Come on Firi...

Congrats again on the car bru


I have only heard rumours........
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Congrads Firi

Your patience really paid off

Here's to making new memories
I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life

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Man I used to love those Civics, still do.

The replacement looks to be a very nice purchase. Congratulations Clapper
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Congrats !

Awesome and well deserved .
Its so weird reading the thread and seeing the car like this.....

Congrats Firi,
No, no, he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you… he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin’. – Harry Hogge, Days of Thunder

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[Image: photo%20from%20sashchern_5592516823.jpg]
Congratz Firi !!!
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Well....subscribed for the grand revealing!
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