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My Alpine White E46 330i LCI Sport Pack
Hi Guys,

I've been on the forum for some time now but never really started my own thread with my ride... Just thought I should document this momentous occasion in my life  with this being the first car that I have purchased. The fact that this is a BMW only adds to the feeling and is something I still smile about whenever I get into my car.

I've always had a deep appreciation for the brand ever since my older brother started his love affair with BMW's, I was still in high school at this time and had no hope of owning one... I lusted after the many ones he owned over the years, something that now stands like 14 different BMW's, showing immense passion for the brand. I attended 2 different fanatics meet ups in that time and this only contributed to the brand's appeal for me. I knew that I had to get a BMW... Blowheart

Throughout campus I used the Audi and I have to say it is a brilliant car, I will definitely own one again in the future. After driving a BMW I have to say the old tag line "Sheer Driving Pleasure" holds true and don't think I could step away from the brand.

I started my search for a BMW e46 330i in January this year after my brother bought his in December. I searched for quite some time and finally found one, all the way in Cape Town, this was SpeedDemon's ex car... Having just started a new job, I couldn't afford to go and see the vehicle in Cape Town and I sent my brother on my behalf to check the car out and let me know if it was what I was looking for. He saw the potential in the car, purchased it and drove it all the way to Durban. I used the car for a short while, but quickly realized that the car needed a fair bit of TLC to get to a condition I would be happy with and I didn't have that time available...

Having gone with him to view the Mtech I in December, it was certainly love at first sight for me and it so happens that fate had to hand to play, as this is now my pride and joy! This is basically a one owner car and is in remarkable condition for a 11 year old vehicle. I have attended a few meets this year and have made some good friends in the process. I now display my BMWFanatics stickers with pride having been a part of this crazy community for some time. A big thanks to those that helped me with the little issues and invaluable advice over the year Thumbs

I will use this thread to update my journey with this truly epic car Clapper Now on to some pictures =)

[Image: dsc_0176p6_zps5c4ea223_6844558659.jpg]

[Image: dsc_0164p1_zps07c9a3c7_6386655922.jpg]

[Image: dsc_0168p2_zps75181b7a_7084257979.jpg]

[Image: dsc_0172p4_zpsf60f2418_48980792.jpg]

[Image: dsc_0178p8_zps4ee72c65_7878003562.jpg]

Thanks all for reading! Ty
Awesome stuff bud! I know how you feel, that first BMW really is a special one, one I don't think we'll ever forget. I was able to get my dream BMW in January this year.

The car looks fantastic! Enjoy her in good health!
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White Mtech 1 F/L Blowheart
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She's a beaut man!
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Lovely and welcome to the E46 330i Club. Clapper
[Image: bantam%20rocam%201.6i_2487780912.jpg]

[Image: bmw%20e46%20330i_7176807271.jpg]

Bmw E46 330i
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Must be a nice feeling

well done on the car.....

You have one the best engines in the world...enjoy it safely
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OOOooooooo....I like this car!!!!

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WOW, the e46 was really one of the best designsCoolShake
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Looks greatClapper
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Thank you being apart of the Durban guys and supporting our events, the e46 330i is still a sleeper of note! Well done on getting your hands on an icon in the making...
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Mtech 1 330i! You don't see many of these. Congrats dude!
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M54B30, deceptively quick and often under estimated. Will bring a smile to your face, every damn day.
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Congrats bud and your car looks really good.
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Nice ride Clapper
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Beautiful car! M Tech 1 FTWClapper
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MTech I, understated but still a head turner. CoolShake
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That E46 is such a classically yet aggresively elegant vehicle, nice ride
/o(O)(O) \ (lllllllll)(lllllllll) / (O)(O)o\
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Hi and welcome, is LPM320 your brother Bluebiggrin

Awesome car btw, love the Mtech 1 kit in Alpine white, is it a 5 or 6 speed manual ?

[Image: vdzhdja9uhv0ms9pn60e.jpg]

P1000 Wrote:Real men don't do motorplan
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(20-10-2014, 06:17 PM)Doomsdaya Wrote: Hi and welcome, is LPM320 your brother Bluebiggrin

Awesome car btw, love the Mtech 1 kit in Alpine white, is it a 5 or 6 speed manual ?

He is... Ah I neglected to mention it in my opening post... 5 speed manual CoolShake
Upon taking ownership of the car, the first 2 mods I did was add a lip spoiler and tint the windows with 35% Smash and Grab.. Have to say I absolutely LOVE this car! Blowheart

Mods to come:
Mono Black & White Emblems.
Full Set of Clears.
Retrofit Xenons & Angel Eyes.
Business/Professional Front Loader.
Full branch & Free Flow Exhaust System.
A Software Remap/Chip - Haven't decided yet....

[Image: 10421158_902843559742818_596373598909301...471597.jpg]

[Image: 10425113_902843076409533_845911733254857...994653.jpg]

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