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E92 M3 Buying guide
Hello Fanatics,

I am thinking about purchasing an E92 M3 in the mileage range of +- 90 000 Km, just looking for tips such as:

What to look out for when browsing the market?
What are the average running costs?
Minor and major servicing costs?
I know of the rod bearings and throttle actuator issues, are there other common issues as well, is vanos still an issue like the e36/e46?
Besides personal preference, any considerations between manual vs DCT?
Any recommended mechanics in Cape Town? (something along the lines of TuneTech and RGM in Joburg).
Would appreciate any other tips or advice

Thank you in advance.


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E92 M3 Buying guide - by Dogland - 28-06-2020, 03:09 PM

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