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Hello there
09-01-2017, 08:03 AM
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Hello there
Hi to all the fanatics

Great to be here - I have been browsing the forum for a few months to gain some knowledge on my car here. I have seen that there are a cool bunch of you folks on here so I have decided to introduce myself Rollsmile

I have purchased a slightly rough but gorgeous 2003 black e46 330i 6spd manual a few months ago - the car seems to be fitted with a TNT exhaust back box (which actually sounds decent to my ears). Other than that the car was quite a barebones e46 bar the following optional extras:
- Electric memory seats
- Sunroof
- Rear roller blind

Why is the car rough? Well the previous owner was not using the car for a while. It was left parked outside his house under a tree. I see that tree sap has fallen and dried into the paint - also some of the rubber around the sunroof seem very warn. Other than that there are typical e46 issues:

- Oil leveling sensor stays on for a few seconds after start up
- A bit of a shaky rattle of the engine on the higher idle of a morning start up - this seems to have now started to cause what seems to me a slight misfire for about 5 seconds.
- Coolant light tends to come on and off while driving, especially in rainy conditions. (seems like an expansion tank replacement)
- At 120km/h there is a vibration that comes from the back - seems to me like a propshaft coupling.
- Rear shocks need replacing
- Rims seem to have some minor imperfections - a bit of a vibration in the cabin at 120km/h.

I had a neat 2004 e46 325i auto about a year ago - while I was happy with the look and quality of the car, I was not comfortable with the auto box.

I believe the 330i is such a well rounded car - the smoothness and sound of the I6 is super premium. Other than the above - the car runs great, revvs cleanly to redline. Gearbox, engine and electronics are sharp.

I look forward to getting this car into its former glory - a rides thread will be started once I get into the crux of it.

I have a few pictures which i will upload later in the evening.

Well that it for now CoolShake

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