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Ongoing Site Maintenance - ChefDJ - 29-07-2019 11:13 PM

A word from the administrators:

We sincerely ask for your patience while the forum undergoes continuous maintenance in preparation for the upgrade. The recent downtime was unfortunate and we hope to limit any extended downtime further, however as we have numerous parties working on the site we can't guarantee for certain when the forum will/will not be available.

We are receiving numerous requests for assistance with log-on issues and password resets - we urge you not to take any action that would alter your profile or access details in any way at this time. All profiles will keep their standard log-on details once all maintenance is complete. Please share this info with fellow forumites who may be attempting to log-on but cannot and assume the problem is their profile.

We are aware that recent posts/threads are missing - please do not report this. The posts/threads will return during our maintenance.

A massive shoutout to Subloaded, our webmaster, for the massive task at hand and support he offers in his limited time.

Thanks for the support, understanding, and keep on keepin' on Chef

RE: Ongoing Site Maintenance - SubLoaded - 30-07-2019 11:13 AM

Quote:Hi Fanatics,


Hosting company had issues which affected us.

The site backups (backend AND front end) are inaccessible to us and they're having issues with SQL objects on the more recent backups.

This brings us back to about the end June, 2019, with regards to data.

We are addressing the issue with routing, however all data (posts, threads, users etc) between June 30 till yesterday is gone BlueCry

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