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BMW Advanced Driving Course - yush1 - 13-02-2018 04:50 PM

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - Iceman12596 - 13-02-2018 04:52 PM

Been on it with my previous employment, it was a jol and well worth it.

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - Nick - 13-02-2018 04:54 PM

Mate went last month, said it was awesome but the lunch was kak.

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - AshG108 - 13-02-2018 05:01 PM

Depends which course, there are 2:

1. Defensive driving and anti-hijacking
2. High performance

I have been for only the 1st one and did it with the BMW E90 330i LCi, was a blast! Could not have enjoyed it any better. Also, your insurance comes down in price when you submit the certificate afterwards.

Being with the F80 M3, yo mya be going for the High performance one?

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - Daredevil - 13-02-2018 05:28 PM

(13-02-2018 04:52 PM)Iceman12596 Wrote:  Been on it with my previous employment, it was a jol and well worth it.

What does it entail? And how much did it improve insurance premiums by?

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - FerdiBotha - 13-02-2018 06:16 PM

I went on the course in 2015. Back then you could only go in an M135i. Not that anyone would cry over that.

The day more or less went as follows:
1) Track session:
This consisted of going out for a sighting session to get to know the course. Then you had 2 or so sessions with cones placed to indicate apex and braking zone for each corner. Another session was then done with all cones removed to put your newfound knowledge to the test. After your last session the instructor takes you around the course to show you how it should be done - this part is just insane.

Each session on track allows you to do about 3 laps per objective (2 application laps and 1 cool down lap) per driver (3 drivers and 1 instructior per car).

2) Lunch break

3) Skid pan session:

a) Understeer: They place cones in a line. You approach the line whilst traveling straight, break loose the front wheels and apply what you were taught in briefing on how to remedy the situation. My least favourite by far.

b) Oversteer: You go around cones packed in a circle, break loose the rear wheels and then remedy it. Or put in a solid drift. Whichever you preverTiptoe

All and all i’d say it’s a must for any car enthusiast and is well worth the money for the experience of driving on a closed track in a car you normally wouldn’t be driving Thumbs

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - SylisM - 14-02-2018 01:46 AM

Something I am quite interested in doing as well.

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - Bernard335 - 14-02-2018 05:51 AM

I went on 31 Jan with fellow BMW CCG committee members

As FerdiBotha mentioned above that is the programme for the day. R5000 isn’t bad as where can u drive around in M3s as fast as you can and remember it’s also not your Tyres smile bounce

They are making some changes soon, I can’t remember exactly when! They talking about have my a lead car and u follow in future but it’s not confirmed.

I was the quickest on the day amoungst the participants and was just 3 seconds off from Christo our instructor! But 2 seconds slower than my best time at Zwartkops in my F30 335. As mentioned above you have an outlap 2 hotlaps and then have a cooldown lap, and that’s the problem I had as you about getting your lines and braking zones you have to slow down. I reckon I could of had dropped a couple of seconds if I had another few hotlaps in a row, you do about 6 stints de Ending how many people in the car with you!
What I would prefer is to chase the instructor, that’s what I used to do on BMW CCG Track Days, I would chase Deon when they still used the 335s and that’s how I learnt the lines and braking points I was 1 second off their pace!

The Skidpan is with 340s also a great experience you learn to emergency brake in the wet and also learn to drift, I managed to get it right on my last run, was awesome

Just Do it

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - Nino Anthony - 14-02-2018 07:44 AM

Go for it Yush

Call this guy, he's one of the instructors at BMW Northgate. 071 725 6697 Desmond Moss is his name. nice guy tooThumbs

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Coarse - FerdiBotha - 14-02-2018 08:04 AM

One of the instructors there (can’t remeber his name) was such a pleasure to chat to and learn from, especially on the skid pan.

He was the one that drove the M4 in the BMW ad where they superimposed a crazy drift onto a aircraft carrier ship.

He’s got a crazy story of how he ended up being an M-division instructor as well - from being the guy washing cars after a day out, to sitting in on the odd occasion when there’s an open seat, to standing in as an instructor on a day when the instructor was absent and eventually now being a full time instructor.

All the guys are great to work with though, so you really will learn a lot and enjoy the day out.

I think I’m due for another one of theseHammerhead

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Course - yush1 - 14-02-2018 08:19 AM

Thanks all for the input. I'll have to take the day off work then as they only do it on week days. smile bounce

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Course - Caddy101 - 14-02-2018 09:08 AM

How much is the course?

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Course - yush1 - 14-02-2018 10:20 AM

Theres various ones to choose from. Click on the link :

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Course - FueY - 15-02-2018 08:22 AM

I went on the course this year in the M3, it was an experience to remember, really worth it Thumbs

especially when its sponsored by one of your suppliers Rofl

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Course - Kimeran - 15-02-2018 09:01 AM

To be perfectly honest, I don't think its worth it.
I have been on the AMG advanced driving course, as well as the M Track Course (which only focuses on track driving, and no safety or defensive driving at all).

I feel as though there are too many people there, so you only have a very few chances to get it right before they move on to the next person.
I obviously struggled with the skid pan on the AMG course, as this takes a good few chances to figure it out. But if you didn't get it right after 3 chances, they move on.
With the M course, there was another gentleman who really struggled to get his lines right and his braking points correct. There was not enough time for him to get used to it without taking time away from other drivers (and the super long driver briefings).

If you're just looking to have some fun on the track with other people's cars then just look at those exotic car hire things.
If you want to improve on your safety, then maybe just look at a safety course.

RE: BMW Advanced Driving Course - Kurt Adv - 16-02-2018 12:41 PM

I sent my 22 year old daughter on the M3 high performance course late last year, she's done the VW courses when she drove a front wheel drive car, now drives a BMW with the correct driving wheels, she loved it, worth every cent. Money well spent, especially being able to learn and trust the safety abilities of modern BMW's...