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Dual Vanos solenoid wiring diagram S50 B32 - Shwiain - 11-01-2017 05:47 PM

Hi Guys,

i am new to the Forum and own a 1998 BMW M3 3.2L which i purchased late last year.. the issue i have been faced with is having to replace the Engine Loom due to the previous owner butchering it however they too cut the Vanos plugs off so i have the naked wires which i need to connect and i am having an issue identifying the colour codes or sequence.

Vanos 1= Green/Brown/Black
Vanos 2= Green/Black/Brown/Red

# 1 I inspected the plug/colour and stripped and connected
# 2 I did the same which after further investigation was incorrect as the Green wire from solenoid is together with the Red..Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated as it seem to be a challenge getting anyone to take the time and assist