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Full Version: Happy Birthday BMWFanatics
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BMWFanatics would like to thank every member and enthusiast for their passion in making this such a successful brand over these  past 11 years. Thanks to one and all Praise

Here's to many more prosperous years ahead!!!  Bravo Ty
Happy Birthday. Been a fun ride thus far with many awesome memories and friends made

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Happy birthday BMW Fanatics!
Happy birthday BMWFanatics!
Happy birthday to us!!!
Happy 11th birthday Bmwfanatics.
A most enjoyable 8 years on here.

Happy Birthday to a Forum which has brought so many people with a common interest together.

Thank you to all who have contributed in your unique way.

I think that a hot chocolate run is in order and maybe Christopher can get his pro camera out to shoot a celebratory birthday run.

My first run.
Happy birthday to BMWF and all the members. I truly hope this never ends. Being part of this forum has made the dream come true of owning a BMW even more awesome.
Well Done on 11 Years!
Nice one...happy birthday indeed