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Full Version: New Profile
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Hi Guys,

Old member here (@FerdiBotha) with a new profile.

I simply could not get my old profile to work again due to security reasons relating to my password.

I believe my password was obtained by an outside party and I have since been unable to login securely.

Anyway, here I go again.. smile bounce
Welcome back Ferdi smile bounce
Hi Ferdi
Will reset it for you but email your new email address to:
Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for a 2003 bmw 540i with full service history. Contact me on 081 049 0342 and we can take it from there. Thanks, Nathan
Thanks @Twinz.

Looks like I can now access my old profile again after the update.

Ah man. Now I can’t access Ferdies profile anymore. dunno anymore

Maybe I can be a bit helpful.

I recommend taking a look at this website HaveIBeenPwned. Insert email address in, it will let you know if you email address was apart of any breaches (examples)
[Image: capture_9998776569.png]

From there I recommend getting a password manager. LastPass
Make sure your passwords are different for every account and that the passwords are complex. Use this program to insert all passwords for you. A random password would be something like 3b%Q!IeB1XeRWhU%xZAtd&8@2

I'd recommend going through and changing all your passwords.

I work in the Information Security field and we have the LinkedIn breach that has 164,611,595 accounts. So we use that for some penetration/security testing. You'd be surprised how many people have the same password from 2012.

Lastly use 2FA everywhere.
That was a very informative post, thanks for that
Welcome newbie Tiptoesmile bounce