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Full Version: My First ///M
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Once the wife got into an X5 there was no real need for the 340i.
I started doing research into the current Porsche Cayman 718.
Given Insane Racing success with 2.0lt motors, the taught of a 500hp 718 was very tempting.
About 6 weeks ago my brother came over and I told him about my plan.
He just logged into Instagram and showed me a pic of a black M4 with a full exterior carbon fibre kit.
Forward wind 2 weeks, and I was picking up my M4 from Auto Bavaria.

To say it feels different to a non-M BMW is an understatement.
I'm not going to do a review of the car, there's 1000's out there.
My honest opinion is that the 340i with an MPPSK is a better car 95% of the time and sounds better. That statement is based on My personal usage of the vehicles. Having said that, the moment you put your foot down and start throwing the M4 around corners, I pretty much forget about the 95%. Honestly, I feel happier in the M4.

So far the car has a carbon front splitter, rear diffuser, boot spoiler and exhaust tips. I also added a set of gloss black kidney grills. A set of wheel spacers will go on soon. A set of carbon side skirts are on the cards.

As for performance mods........
Every time I say I'm keeping it stock, the car always ends up with a giant turbo. So, this time I am saying nothing.

[Image: img_20190513_103710_resized_20190515_102...437260.jpg]
[Image: img_20190513_104006_resized_20190515_102...087232.jpg]
[Image: img_20190513_103901_resized_20190515_102...530708.jpg]
Congrats dude - Black all the way!

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Congrats on the new beaut buddy! Inlove
What a spec!

Really looking forward to how you not going to mod this car Rofl
Congrats bud, stunning car!
Congrats Thumbs Wish you many safe miles ahead in that beauty
congrats on the new car Praise
Congrats, the car looks awesome!
Congrats man...

She looks super hot
Congrats Bud, Love the Colour ComboBravo
Congrats bro, cab looks stunning Praise
Congrats Bravo

Same Color combo as mine Cartel

Many happy modding kms smile bounce
Nice comparison with the 340i for half the price. A full M car will always be in a different league. How are you finding the gearbox compared to the ZF 8?
Congrats bud! She is a beauty!
Congrats Bravo
Congrats bro! all the best with this lovely Monster....
(15-05-2019, 12:17 PM)yush1 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice comparison with the 340i for half the price. A full M car will always be in a different league. How are you finding the gearbox compared to the ZF 8?
99% of the time the ZF is a better box.
Its only when you turn the DCT gearshift setting up to level 3 you get a little kick in the back every time it changes up.

The ZF is smoother. The 8 gears helps with consumption and I am a big fan of the eco pro mode which the M doesn't have.
what a dream !!!Praise
Congrats man, looks stunning.
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