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Full Version: E90 speaker replacement and radio screen
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Hi guys.

I have a 2006 320i E90 and I can jear the speakers are a bit old now...

Where can I find need speakers for the car? It doesn't have to be super duper doof doof speakers, just ones that won't distort. I read somewhere that they use 2ohm speakers and they have a shallow profile? Also, I'm not to worried about the sub under the seat...

The othrr issue I have is the radio's screen. When it is cold it shows perfectly, but the moment it gets hotter, the screen fades and I can't read anything on it. There's only a few sharp pixrls left then. How do i fix that? A nee radio? Or can I replace the screen on its own?
Hi, the base stereo use 4ohm speakers, 2 at front doors and 2 at rear panel behind the rear bench.
Have you ever found that screen? Im also looking for one..
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