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Full Version: Oil consumption on late models
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Hi all

I'd like to know whether your diesel BMWs are using using oil between intervals.

I've had this 535d with 35 000 km on, for 2 weeks now.

On my way back from picking it up in JHB it said it wanted a liter of oil. I stopped at Menlyn BMW to buy a liter. The parts salesman told me that it is normal for these later model diesels to use up to 3 liters of oil between intervals, due the evaporation of the additives in the oil.

I've had three 330ds.


None of them ever needed oil top-ups.

This 535d has 2 turbos of course and I've noticed it picking up oil temperature very quickly. It's almost asif it has an electric element heating the oil when the car starts. It is incomparable to my 2014 F30 330d, I had. It takes only n few minutes to reach normal operating temp.

So I don't know if this 535d is using oil or is the new Shell oil evaporating more than the previous Castrol oil? Or did they under-fill the sump when they changed the oil, just before I bought the car from the dealer, Northcliff Auto.

As far as I can tell the has been looked after.

Please weigh in with your experiences w.r.t oil consumption?
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I stand to be corrected but that is not normal. Yes for old/high mileage cars, that can be considered normal because of old seals that are leaking and worn/collapsed piston rings. definitely not normal for new cars with such low mileage to use up oil and the parts guy is misleading you. They might have under filled after service.
Hi. My dad has and X5 40d, which has the same engine as the 535d. Vehicle has done over 100,000km and never used oil. I dont think this is normal.
Yeah I dont think this is normal. None of my BMW's have ever used oil normally. My E60 did but that was due to a slight leak somewhere
Thanks everyone.

I still don't know whether it needed a top-up because of a negligent fill during service. So I'll keep an eye on it to see if it asks for oil again...
My 320d never uses oil, over 171k on the clock.

However I do change oil every 5 months as I drive around 13k in 5 months, and my idrive seems to be set at oil changes at 13k lol