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hi all new user here...
from cape town..
my baby is a e36 328 turbo built and tuned by myself
Welcome bud. Post some pics of the 328 =)
Welcome. Tell us more about the build and don't forget the pics.
You can't drop that on us and not tell us more or show us more.

Welcome Bud
build to about a year and a half,
1st attempt broke all the ringlands due to the compression being to high
and a faulty wastegate which over boost..
2nd attempt holding up good so farTiptoe
-standard mahle pistons with 1mm shaved of top of pistons
-top mount log manifold build it myself as you cant get of the shelf
-t3/t4 turbo with bigger wheels
-turbosmart wastegate
-sequential dumpvalve
-76mm boost pipes
-76mm downpipe running into a duel 63mm system with 1 400 back box
sound stock standard until the boost comes inn
-de capped injectors as the 800cc failed
-spitronics management ,connected and road tuned myself very very very user friendly
-knockbox build and connected myself a must have(motor saver)
-defi boost and air fuel ratio gauges
-6 puck copper clutch
-3.6 ratio diff.

i dont know what power figures the car is making but i can say it pulls vrek in progress
Pics, untill then we dont beleive you Wink
Welcome, we need pics please.
welcome but where are the picsYesNo
thanks guys will do as soon as i figure out how to post picsTy

Lets see some pics!
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