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Can anyone give the book value on a 2007 320i?
If you can't get help here, phone your insurance and ask them.
2007 320I Manual Retail R111000.00

2007 320i A/T Retail R103800.00
And a book value of a 2009 118i manual?
(20-01-2015, 09:28 AM)bmsportzn135i Wrote: [ -> ]And a book value of a 2009 118i manual?

Is it a 3dr or 5 dr?
5 door. leather interior.
(20-01-2015, 11:03 AM)bmsportzn135i Wrote: [ -> ]5 door. leather interior.

Here u go

Trade Value 117800.00
Retail Value 131700.00
Market Value 124750.00
Hi Tris

Can you provide figures for a 2006 E90 323i sportspack ?

much appreciated
Hi 2007 e90 325i m sport ?
thanks, interesting that the manual has a higher value than the auto, dont the auto's cost more...
Hey Tris.
Mine is a 2008 Exclusive 320i Manual. Thanks bud.
Hi. Can you please give the trade and retail of a 2001 x5 3.0 petrol. Fullhouse.
2013 M135i Please?

40 000km

(20-01-2015, 02:46 PM)3speed Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Tris.
Mine is a 2008 Exclusive 320i Manual. Thanks bud.

Trade Value 107900.00
Retail Value 137000.00

Hi Gents

I have access to this info and don't mind helping out.

Please specify if the vehicle is either manual/auto, Sport/IND/Start etc so I can narrow down the listings
Please help me out with book values for a,
2010 Mini Cooper, manual( 88kw and 90kw models)

2001 325ci manual ,it might be an exclusive
Now I'm curious. 2001 530d manual
Me too;
2010 330D Auto (M-Sport)


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