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Dyno Day in Durbz
Durban is known for its great weather all year around, and more so for its fantastic summer months, providing some awesome summer nights, with cool weather and an awesome holidays atmosphere. It was a no brainer for Durban to host the latest event for this very reason, gearing up to the holiday season that will overcome Durban soon. The team settled on a dyno day at the Stealth head office, and in just 2 weeks managed to turn an idea into a reality. The KZN team worked around the clock to secure the venue, and did a great marketing job getting the message out there.

At around 5pm on Friday night the team had setup and started its first runs for the evening shortly after. The entries varied from some really powerful beasts to lesser powerful cars wanting to see what their beautiful machines would lay down. From M5’s to Renault’s to Eye watering ethanol running Escorts, the event had them all. While the runs were a smooth operating machine from admin to the Stealth team, there were food stalls and clothing merchandise for sale, where members could relax while witnessing what was tar ripping numbers. The dyno runs went well into the night with the last run ending at around 2am. The stealth team also honoured us with a run from their 500wkw GTR monster.

From the initial 40 entrants to having over 60 entrants, the event itself was a huge success. The team had to turn away late comers as we simply had too many cars to complete in the allotted time. A huge thank you to the sponsors, stealth team and the passionate enthusiastic fanatics team which made this day a huge success (you know who you are).

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Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!
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